The Glitz Beauty Blitz!

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It’s the festive season. Time to look your very best and what better way to do so than invest in some fabulous beauty products? TheGlitz picks some of the best products only for you. Enjoy!

The Love Co. Radiant Skin Awaits: Japanese Cherry Blossom Silk Spray In-Shower Moisturizer Mist

Japanese Cherry Blossom Silk Spray In-Shower Moisturizer Mist

Experience the luxury of a spa in your daily shower with the Japanese Silk Spray In-Shower Moisturizer Mist. Say goodbye to dry, lackluster skin and welcome the ultimate hydration solution. This innovative mist pampers your skin, providing the love and care it deserves. Apply it after your cleansing routine and let the magic unfold as it locks in moisture while you enjoy the soothing warmth of your shower. Embrace silky, hydrated skin without extra effort!

Price: Rs. 1,299

French Essence Amber Magic Eau De Parfum (Perfume) 100 ML

French Essence Amber Magic Eau De Parfum (Perfume) 100 ML

Transport yourself to the enchanting fields of France with this perfectly crafted perfume. It’s a romantic journey with captivating top notes blending floral and aromatic tones, followed by a spicy, woody heart, all culminating in a luxurious base of amber, musk, and leather. What sets this perfume apart is its French origin, with every ingredient handpicked from the picturesque fields of France. Designed for India, it allows you to carry the essence of this exquisite aroma with you wherever you go.

Enhance your daily routine with this luxurious, long-lasting scent and carry the timeless elegance of France with you wherever you venture.

Price – 899

Available at:

Recode Liquid Blusher

Recode Liquid Blusher

Discover your inner radiance with Recode Liquid Blusher – 20 Gms – Shade 04: Born to Shine! Recode Liquid Blusher is an everyday essential for those who want a reliable and versatile blush. It adds color to your cheeks and nourishes and hydrates your skin. Simply apply a touch of elegance to your cheeks for a natural, dewy glow, and enjoy the magic all day. With its lightweight formula, dab and blend onto your cheekbones or mix with your favorite foundation for an irresistible, sun-kissed look.

Price: Rs. 490

Red Bold N Matte Lipstick by Milap Cosmetics

Milap Cosmetics

Enhance your personal style with Bold N Matte Lipstick by Milap Cosmetics in Red shade, a captivating and luxurious liquid lipstick. Discover a wide range of vibrant, long-lasting shades in a velvety, non-shiny texture. For a flawless application, start from the center and sweep outward on exfoliated lips. Experience lightweight comfort and a matte finish that lasts all day, enriched with vegan-friendly ingredients. Let it dry for a few moments before softly pressing your lips together. Elevate your look with our exquisite liquid lipstick, designed for lasting beauty.

Available At:

Price: Rs 191

Hold Me Matte: Swiss Beauty introduces its iconic lipstick range

Swiss Beauty lipsticks

Popular Indian colour cosmetics brand, Swiss Beauty, is all set to revolutionise the world of lipsticks with its newly introduced range of non-drying matte finish, intense hydration, and a 12-hour stay, the ‘Hold Me Matte’ lipstick that comes in 30 beautiful shades. Some of the most loved & beautiful shades are ‘Bite Me Red – 27, Hold Me Darling – 25, Berrylicious – 19. Lustry Rusty -05 etc. It has been meticulously crafted to deliver a high payoff and an unmatched matte finish that lasts all day. Packed with the goodness of Vitamin E and Apricot Oil, these liquid lipsticks keep the lips hydrated and nourished. Dermatologically tested, waterproof, and transfer-proof, the Hold Me Matte lipstick ensures flawless and comfortable wear. lipstick range in its biggest launch of the year.
Availability –
Price – INR 429/-

Justhuman Coffee Caramel Body Scrub

Justhuman Coffee Caramel Body Scrub

Justhuman Coffee Caramel Body Scrub is the ultimate indulgence for your senses. They are a finely honed blend of coffee and olive oil exfoliates, which improves blood circulation and reduces water retention for smoother, tighter, and brighter skin. Indulge in the heavenly aroma of clean beauty and power up your day with the nostalgic scent of coffee and caramel. Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence for your senses and discover the secret to smoother, tighter, and brighter skin.
Price: INR 1,599.00/-

Botnal Sunscreen and Cleansers: Velvet Rinse, Clean Rinse, and Daily Spread

Botnal, a natural-origin, sustainable, biocompatible and gender-neutral skincare brand, announces the launch of three revolutionary products: Velvet Rinse (probiotic creme face wash), Clean Rinse (face wash with Hyaluronic acid) and Daily Spread (SPF 30 sunscreen).

Clean Rinse

Clean Rinse is your go-to hydrating gel face wash, whether your skin feels sensitive, irritated, or in recovery. This face wash alleviates skin stress with its lightweight gel and papaya beads.

Velvet Rinse

Velvet Rinse, a probiotic creme face wash, is a perfect solution for dry skin in need of replenishment and hydration.

Daily Spread

Botnal’s Daily Spread is a moisturizer + Mineral SPF 30, which not only hydrates your skin but also protects you from unbearable damage caused by the sun.

Available on, as well as on Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, Trell and Mind & Mom.

Noocsy Body Mist

Noocsy Ease Body Mist

The Ease Body Mist from Noocsy is tranquility in a bottle. We tried it and it is indeed a luxe experience with the calming scents of lavender and chamomile. Though the packaging is subtle and not in your face, the body mist by itself is calming and put you in a state of peace. It is also light and non-greasy.

Net wt: 100 ml

Key Ingredients:-

Sandalwood | Lavender | Grapefruit | Rose
MRP is Rs 499
Available on

Beauty by BiE, Eyefinity- All-in-one Under Eye Gel

BiE Eyefinity All-in-One Under Eye Gel

With the power of gold and silver leaf, known for their soothing and cooling properties, this eye gel diminishes puffiness and revives tired-looking eyes. Harnessing the potential of stem cells and soya flavonoids, breakthrough antioxidants, Eyefinity All-in-One Under Eye Gel goes beyond traditional solutions to reduce the appearance of dark circles and unveil a more even skin tone. Use it morning and night and let your eyes twinkle, bright.

Price: ₹699

O₂WOW!- Oxygenating & Firming Mask


This unique mask combines the revitalizing properties of açaí berries, vital oxygen, and ginseng stem cells resulting in a skin-brightening sensation like no other. Bid farewell to pigmentation and an uneven skin tone.

Price: ₹2,199


BiE Plumped plumping serum

Acts as a total sealant for the skin and replenishes the skin barrier.

Price: ₹2,249

Sebamed Antidandruff Shampoo

Sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

The extra-gentle cleansing formula of this Sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo helps to reduce itchiness and irritation on the scalp. The effectiveness was confirmed in a dermatological test: 50% less dandruff within 14 days.
Product features:
· Helps to relieve itching, redness and oily dandruff
· Care formula with Piroctone Olamine relieves dandruff irritation
Price: INR 625

Better Body Bombay

Better Body Bombay Tea Tree products

A personal care brand with its innovative range of clean, sustainable, and gender-neutral products is inspired by the vibrant city of Bombay. The brand ensures that its products are free from harmful chemicals, toxins, and artificial additives. Better Body Bombay offers the Blood Orange collection, which includes moisturizers, body wash, hand wash, and lip balm that harnesses the power of the citrus fruit to brighten, renew, and repair the skin. The Tea Tree and Kaffir Lime collection, on the other hand, consists of hand wash, anti-dandruff scalp rub, lip balm, and anti-dandruff shampoo. Another collection offered by BBB is the Onion Seed extract range, which includes anti-dandruff shampoo, conditioners, anti-dandruff scalp rub, and hair growth elixir.

Available at Wellness Forever, Nykaa, Flipkart, Amazon, and PharmEasy.

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