Meet Sparc Design's principal architect, Suhani Lal Sanghra. The Pune-based architect and designer discusses her all-encompassing designs and sources of inspiration that invoke her creativity.
TheGlitz has compiled some exciting and innovative kids' products that would make perfect additions to any Children's Day celebration. The collection includes a wide range of products designed to entertain, educate, and inspire children of various age groups. From interactive decor, smart clothes to unique snacks and desserts that bring joy and laughter, here is TheGlitz 'happy kids' listicle. Happy Children's Day!
It's Wedding Season in India! · A typical Indian wedding always conjures up images of vibrant colours, outrageously loud music, and shopping. Indeed, Indian weddings are incomplete without heavy Wedding Lehengas. Jewellery, decor, makeup.... So where do you go for them? No worries, Wedding Asia is back to offer shopping for all required for an Indian wedding. TheGlitz reports.
In the heart of India's cultural fabric, weddings have always held a special place. A celebration of love, unity, and tradition, Indian weddings are known for their opulence and grandeur. However, the Covid-19 pandemic brought about a pause in extravagant affairs, leading to a surge in intimate or at-home nuptials. Yet, as the world gradually recovers, the grand Indian wedding has made a resounding comeback, and it's more extravagant than ever. Surabhi Chopra, Founder, Surabhi Chopra Label talks exclusively to TheGlitz about it.
Ganesh Iyer, a certified water sommelier at VEEN, the Finnish luxury water brand, and an all-around sensory adventurer, speaks with TheGlitz about why water has flavour, how water influences beverage and food pairings, and how water can help with your overall health and experiences.
JioCinema and Tinder have collaborated to present an intriguing series 'Swipe Ride' which is available for streaming for free exclusively on JioCinema. Renowned social media influencer and actor Kusha Kapila takes charge as the driver to assist Tinder members in connecting with their potential dates. TheGlitz finds out more as the still gorgeous Zeenat Aman imparts relationship pearls during her ride with Kusha Kapila in the Tinder Swipe Ride. episode.
When the world becomes a meme and you start seeing everything in the 'meme' way... this is for you! In a groundbreaking move, RVCJ announced the launch of "Meme Utsav," India's first and largest celebration dedicated to the world of memes. The event aims to honour and recognize the unsung heroes behind the screens – the ingenious minds who bring laughter and thought-provoking insights to our daily digital lives. "Meme Utsav" is set to be an IP (Intellectual Property) event, taking place at NESCO Goregaon East, Mumbai, on the 16th and 17th of December, spanning over two exciting days. TheGlitz reports.