he gorgeous Isabelle Kaif turns muse for Shehla Khan's latest campaign Zinnia. TheGlitz spotlights this amazing collection where Isabel breathes life into a collection reminiscent of a rare and unique flower—an exquisite ode to brides and their bridesmaids.
Hold onto your hats, folks, because Diwali is about to sprinkle some serious magic dust all over town! So get ready to have your socks knocked off by the dazzling lights and fireworks... And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we from TheGlitz dive headfirst into restaurants, cloud kitchens and bakeries that'll make your taste buds do the happy Fest dance!
The fight against plastic pollution has found staunch allies among some of India's most influential celebrities and prominent brands. The names resonate far beyond their fame – Kriti Sanon's Hyphen, Alia Bhatt's Ed-a-Mamma, Anushka & Virat Kohli's investment in Blue Tribe, and Deepika Padukone's 82.E. These celebrities are channeling their influence into a resolute commitment to environmental sustainability, recognizing that their actions can spark positive change on a global scale. TheGlitz applauds such amazing endeavours and encourages all celebs to follow suit.
Here's to all our lion-hearted friends who were by our side in times of happiness 'n' sadness. ...Who laughed, cried or even got into a fight just to show solidarity. Who made each ordinary day, extraordinary, with their sense of humour, wit and craziness. TheGlitz picks some incredible and amazing gifts for those special friends who mean the world to us. Happy Friendship Day!
The conversation that Koffee with Karan brews gives you some of the hottest tea (or coffee) all year round! The talk show became the one-stop for viewers to catch their favourite stars being their absolute candid selves. As the show celebrates 7 star-studded years of spilling beans and brewing interesting conversations, TheGlitz picks five reasons why we love Koffee with Karan and why you should go watch your favorite episode on Disney+ Hotstar now!
Vesavar - The Origin of Art has officially opened its doors in the heart of Pune. Founded by Kavita Bhandari and renowned artist Pranali Harpude, it is a welcoming haven for both emerging and established artists to showcase their art. TheGlitz caught up with the Founders - Kavita and Pranali to know more about this charming art gallery and why these two trailblazers decided to start it.
Fitness enthusiasts are firm believers that getting fit can be fun and are always on the hunt for creative ways to tone up and Pilates has been just that blessing. It is for everyone, a wholesome workout that focuses purely on improving flexibility, strength, and body awareness through controlled movements. Namrata Purohit is a well-renowned name that introduced Pilates to India at a very young age. The youngest trained Stott Pilates instructor has a unique presence on social media, from showcasing hard-working workout videos to fun dance videos with Janhvi Kapoor her journey keeps on inspiring celebrities to be on their toes.
When it comes to finding inspiration for a diverse and dynamic wardrobe, who better to turn to than the ever-dapper Pulkit Samrat? From street-smart swagger to traditional ensembles, Pulkit embodies the essence of a fashion chameleon. With his effortlessly cool persona and impeccable sense of style, Pulkit's wardrobe holds the key to unlocking the ultimate style transformation. TheGlitz takes a walk through Pulkit Samrat's closet and presents the many shades of his fashion - from street swagger to traditional grandeur.