She is the 'OG' pioneer of sustainability... and the unsung hero who fought all odds to put 'eco-friendly' on the design map. So read on... as I, Sumita Chakraborty, Editor-in-chief, TheGlitz, speak to the amazing Sangita Kathiwada about her magical journey, challenges and more…
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Fashion and food make for the most creative collaborations. Let’s celebrate the coming together of two distinct genres with Neuma, Karan Johar’s luxurious European restaurant in collaboration with Anushka Khanna, the designer renowned for her dynamic designs and vibrant styles, with a limited edition range of fashionable desserts.
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It's cold out there so obviously, the cold weather can turn your skin dry and pale. So, what do you do? No worries, no need to panic. The illustrious Dr. Shefali Trasi Nerurkar, Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Trasi clinic and La Piel skin clinic, gives TheGlitz readers, sound advice on how to keep your skin, lips and hair well hydrated and beautiful, this winter. Read on...
Well, you've heard about Botox but it was mostly about the face. There's a new beauty trend that has become the talk of the town and it is Hair Botox. Rachana Lakhani. VP Education and Strategic Business at Beauty Essentials Marketing India LLP tells TheGlitz that hair botox is a one-for-all solution that infuses essential nutrients and proteins into your hair. This treatment, according to Rachana Lakhani, can restore your hair's natural shine, strength, and manageability, making it a lifeline for your hair.
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Pa Pa Ya, the esteemed pan-Asian culinary haven, ignites the Year of the Dragon with a roaring celebration you don't want to miss! From February 7th to 29th, every Monday to Thursday between 12 pm to 11 pm , embark on a flavorful adventure across all Mumbai locations (Palladium Mall, B.K.C. & Malad) with a special menu, to ring in the Chinese New Year, that blends tradition with modern flair.
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She is indeed a woman of substance. Filled with integrity, determination and passion, she winged her way to success in the competitive educational industry of India. Meet Dr Pooja Misal, the Founder and Director of SMEF's Brick Group of Institutes and one of the youngest educationalists in the country. In an exclusive interview with Sumita Chakraborty, Editor-in-chief, TheGlitz, Dr Pooja talks about her passion the Brick Film Festival and much more. Read on...
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Beauty by BiE sent TheGlitz two of its newest launch sets – their Peach Sunrise and Vanilla Sorbet collection. They insisted it would be like basking in a spa-like sanctuary within your own home. We've known Queenie Singh, the Founder of Beauty by BiE for a long time and TheGlitz was confident that products from BiE would be a revelation. And it was and more... TheGlitz verdict: The Beauty by BiE products Peach Sunrise and Vanilla Sorbet were indeed invigorating.
Go ahead... wrinkle your nose and sniff delicately! Aren't you getting an amazing luxe fragrance? Something akin to those lovely French fragrances that you get from chic women sipping expensive wine at high-end cafes, right? Well, French Essence sent TheGlitz their Luxury Perfume gift set for women for a review. TheGlitz reviewed it and indeed, we must say, we came out smelling amazing, and were truly enchanted!
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He played the toughest game of them all. In fact, in the history of Bigg Boss, no contestant has been defamed and shamed as much as him. He's the controversial Munawar Faruqui... the stand-up comedienne who has courted too many controversies. In fact, he has even been jailed for one of his acts. But the man is made up of steel. Sumita Chakraborty, Editor-in-chief, TheGlitz, analyses why Munawar Faruqui deserved to win Bigg Boss 17.
She was spotted a few days ago rooting for her fave "bro" Munawar Faruqui who won Bigg Boss 17. In fact, she looked her normal self so indeed it was shocking to hear that Poonam Pandey died of cervical cancer today. The net is abuzz with a lot of theories. But TheGlitz would like to remember her as a lively, bubbly woman who loved shocking people.
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