“Katrina Kaif has lost all hope in me that I am gonna follow any advice from her.” – Vicky Kaushal

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How do you feel about this collaboration – walking for designer Kunal Rawal as a showstopper? 

Kunal is a dear friend and I absolutely love what he has created over the years and what he represents. The fact that through this show we were celebrating his journey, his story and his creation got me excited to walk as a showstopper for Kunal at the BPFT. The last two times I have walked the ramp were also for Kunal and this time as well I’m happy we could collaborate on something new, unique and exciting. 

What’s new this year for you? 

On the work front, looking forward to a few releases this year with projects that I’ve done with Dharma – Maddock Films and YRF. I am currently filming SAM Bahadur; it’s a film on India’s First Feild Marshal Mr. Sam Manekshaw that also will be released next year on the 1st of December. So yes, lots of exciting stories that I’ve been a part of will reach you all very soon. 

Your wife Katrina has a great fashion sense… Does she give you suggestions or do you give her advice on what to wear or not? 

Advice, I don’t know, she has lost all hope in me that I am gonna follow any advice.

What are your style tips? 

Keep it basic yet comfortable. Style should bring out the best in you and make you feel confident. 

What is fashion to you? 

Fashion for me should be an extension of your personality and no one else’s, no matter how unique your personality is. It should be something that makes you feel like you own a cape and that you are going out there to face the world. It should give you that confidence and comfort and ease all at the same time that for me is Fashion for myself. 

Any upcoming projects? …Any exciting news for your fans?  

My film Govinda Naam Mera was released on Disneyplus Hotstar. I have received some really kind reactions from people. I’m currently filming SAM Bahadur which is directed by Meghna Gulzar and produced by RSVP. It’s the story of India’s field marshal Sam Manekshaw which will release on December 2023. By then hopefully, I will have releases of a few other projects that I have shot with already so yes, exciting things and looking forward to 2023 🙂  

What does BPFT stand for you? 

Blenders Pride Fashion Week celebrates everything about you. No matter who you are – what gender you belong to – what your fashion sense is… It’s a platform that accepts and celebrates you!

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