EKAM essential oil blends – Self Love, Gentle Peace, Positive Energy, True Joy are excellent!

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It’s a stressful life and sometimes, you just need to pamper yourself. EKAM sent TheGlitz a collection of essential oil blends that offers therapeutic benefits and make the process of aromatherapy more fun and accessible. We tried it out and guess what, we found EKAM essential oils really excellent for the mind, body and soul.

Let’s talk about the packaging of these 10 ml bottles first. They are colourful, happy and well-thought-of – a gentle grey for Gentle Peace, vibrant orange for Positive Energy, floral rose for Self Love and a zingy yellow for True Joy! …Must say, we loved the names – Self Love, Gentle Peace, Positive Energy and True Joy… very motivational. EKAM initiated a feeling of peace, rejuvenation and happiness starting from the names itself.

Self Love

We started with Self Love essential oil that came in a 10ml colorful bottle and had a spicy scent. A few drops of it immediately relaxed us and took us to a happy zone filled with positivity and love. Made of a blend of extracts from cinnamon bark oil (this makes you feel very pleasant), ginger oil (sparks feelings of self-empowerment), nutmeg oil (balances the heart chakra allowing you to love yourself more), orange oil (helps with depression), patchouli oil (raises your sensuality) and pine oil (helps you think clearer), Self Love really made us feel loved and happy. Priced at Rs 385 for 10 ml.

Gentle Peace

Gentle Peace was the next one we tried out. It had a lovely floral scent that immediately uplifted our spirits and gave us a feeling of deep, undisturbed peace. Made of extracts from the best blends of pine oil (creates an ideal ambiance for prayer, meditation), cedar wood oil Himalaya (helps in feeling grounded and balancing emotions), clove bud oil (helps have a sense of well-being), aniseed oil (helps experience a positive energy shift), grapefruit Oil Pink (helps clear headaches), Jasmine Sambac Absolute (helps when feeling fear or a lack of emotion), Juniper Berry Oil (offers a grounding, calming effect), Petit Grain Oil (relaxes mood, helps with depressive feeling), Palma Rosa Oil (helps heal the immune system and Rose Absolute (gives off a peaceful vibe)… Gentle Peace is guaranteed to give you a sense of well-being and peace. Priced at Rs 350 for 10 ml.

Positive Energy

Positive Energy is a blend, with an overall aromatic and citrusy scent, that is like your personal cheerleader. We got a senior member of our team to try it and she absolutely loved it. It made her feel “alive”, she said. Made from extracts of:
Cedar wood oil Texas: Helps reduce mood swings.
Amyris oil: By relaxing muscles during sleep, helps you wake up feeling fresh.
Bergamot oil finest: Relieves symptoms of panic.
Geranium oil: Promotes feelings of well-being.
Grapefruit oil pink: Reduces irritation levels.
Lavendin oil Grasso: Greatly helps eliminate on-the-spot anxiety.
Orange oil: Gives you feelings of cheerfulness.
Pine oil: Helps you let go of hurtful emotions.
Yang ylang oil: Balances the mind
Petit grain oil: Uplifts mood

Indeed, Positive Energy is a rockstar of an essential oil blend. It makes the crabbiest of persons, happy and lively. Priced at Rs 460 for 10 ml.

True Joy

The last one was True Joy which had a pleasant citrus-florally smell. It is designed to lift your spirits high and leave you feeling light as a feather.

Made of extracts of:
Grapefruit oil pink: Helps reduce anger, and irritation.
Orange oil: Helps you feel relaxed.
Rose absolute: Gives you very positive vibes.
Cedar wood oil Texas: Gives you calm feelings.
Mandarin oil red: Encourage you to find wonder in things.
Ylang ylang oil: Takes focus away from negative thoughts.

True Joy has an amazing light citrusy cum floral scent that makes you feel good. Price: Rs 400 for 10 ml.

Our verdict: Big thumbs up! EKAM essential oil blends are really excellent for the mind, body and spirit. Try it!

Please note: All the essential oil blends are formulated according to aromatherapy principles to promote positive feelings and help ground the user.

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