Exploring The Tantalysing Journey Of The Whiskey Journal With Vishal Kamat

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TheGlitz was invited for this amazing Whiskey Journal exploration. But unfortunately, we couldn’t make it because of a major work-related woe. Undoubtedly, our loss! However, we heard so many amazing reviews about this extraordinary and exclusive event that we had to find out more about The Whiskey Journal curated by Vishal Kamat, the charismatic Executive Director of Kamat Hotels India Ltd. Presenting The Whiskey Journal by Vishal Kamat.

Vishal Kamat

Creation Of The Whiskey Journal

In a world brimming with whiskey enthusiasts and collectors, one man’s passion for this golden elixir led to the creation of something truly remarkable. A connoisseur of whiskey, Vishal Kamat, the Executive Director, Kamat Hotels India Ltd, embarked on a mission to capture the essence of his tasting experiences in a way that would transcend time and evoke cherished memories. The result? The Whiskey Journal, a meticulously crafted companion, which embodies the spirit of whiskey exploration. The Whiskey Journal is a testament to the inclusivity of the whiskey community.

The Magic Of The Golden Elixir

To celebrate the unveiling of this extraordinary creation, Merlin’s 99, The Whiskey Lounge at The Orchid Hotel Mumbai hosted a special evening of whiskey tasting. where the guests had an opportunity to indulge in a selection of exquisite whiskeys, carefully curated by Vishal Kamat and his team. This unique evening not only had the guests tantalize their taste buds but also provided a firsthand glimpse into the essence of the Whiskey Journal. As the golden liquid danced on the palate, participants were invited to capture their impressions and reflections in their very own journals, forging a personal connection with this remarkable keepsake.

Inspiration & Creation

The inspiration behind the birth of this exceptional journal lies in the captivating journey undertaken by Vishal Kamat’s team. Their arduous efforts led them to acquire a collection of more than 99 Global whiskeys, each with its own unique character and story, which is housed at Merlin’s Bar. As Vishal indulged in these intriguing spirits, he found himself longing for a more immersive way to capture his thoughts and impressions. The absence of a suitable whiskey journal prompted him to embark on a quest for the perfect solution.

“I wanted something more than a regular book to preserve my whiskey memories,” Vishal explains. “I desired a journal that would allow me to conveniently note down the vast array of whiskey brands I’ve had the pleasure of tasting over the years.”

Finger lickin’ food accompaniments

The Foundation

The Whiskey Journal’s creation, however, is not solely motivated by the desire to document whiskey experiences. It is the culmination of Vishal’s lifelong appreciation for this fine beverage, nurtured by his uncle, Abhijit Gore. A member of a renowned global family of perfumers, Gore not only impart the knowledge of whiskey appreciation but also deepened Vishal’s understanding of fragrances and tasting notes. This influence played an instrumental role in shaping the whiskey journey.

Whiskey Journal

When curating the collection of whiskeys featured in the journal, Vishal followed his own preferences, placing a bias towards Scotch and Irish whiskeys. He recognized that these flavors resonated deeply with the palates of his fellow Indians, providing a sense of familiarity and comfort. While acknowledging the excellence of other whiskey varieties, such as those from America, he found that the sweeter profiles often associated with American whiskeys did not align as well with his personal taste preferences. Japanese whiskeys, although not universally appealing to his palate, did captivate him with their beautifully understated and classically elegant packaging, reflecting a distinctively Japanese aesthetic.

“The Whiskey Journal distinguishes itself from other offerings through its elegant simplicity. Its compact size and unpretentious design make it an inviting platform for enthusiasts and collectors alike to capture their tasting experiences. This journal is not confined solely to whiskey, as it accommodates an array of spirits, including exotic rums, gins, and other liquors. Its universal nature will allow users to pen down their thoughts and emotions towards any beverage they hold dear,” adds Vishal Kamat.

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