Fashion maestro Anushka Khanna returns to the fashion world this festive season with a dazzling new collection ‘Luminescence’

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She’s back and in form! And, how! Yes, we are talking about Anushka Khanna who has come out with a spectacular new festive collection titled ‘Luminescence’. This collection is a symphony of iridescence and grace, capturing the celebratory sparkle this season brings. Each piece in this collection is a harmonious blend of textures, delicate embellishments, and Khanna’s flair for tailoring. With a seamless fusion of contemporary silhouettes and timeless elegance, Luminescence exudes a charm that captivates the senses and ignites the imagination. TheGlitz reports!

Appreciate Layers & Nuances

She says, “As a designer and a new mother, I decided to step back and look at both my work and my wardrobe with a fresh, discerning eye. What was it that I wanted from my clothing? What was missing? What would bring me joy? And I channelled all those answers in my new drop. This is a collection that echoes a new chapter in my life and in my design. As a mother, returning to designing has changed my perspective. If it’s one thing the past few years have taught us all is the integrity of perspective: of examining different points of view, of exploring new directions, of appreciating the layers and nuances. And I wanted to speak to that.”

Hue & Try

Anushka Khanna’s USP is her use of colour and this time around she’s spanned the spectrum— from delicate blush and icy mint, to look-at-me electric hues and evergreen, mysterious black. She plays with trompe l’oeil embellishments, adding luminosity and iridescence through intricate cuts of gota-work; craft and texture through brightly hued, contrast threadwork; and femininity through pearls and the tiniest of sequins.


For the festivities, she forges ahead with her now signature, long, lean jackets, slouchy, insouciant kurtas, structured blazers and waistcoats, and fluid drapes with the classic sari. And this time, she has put the focus on the lehenga – a full skirt that’s meant to be twirled – paired with separates that echo your vibe. Maybe you pair it with a sexy choli or maybe you feel like a bit of an edge – a beautifully cut waistcoat will do that.

Perfect Detail

Anushka Khanna’s unparalleled attention to detail and her unwavering commitment to craftsmanship is unmistakably evident in every thread, every stitch, and every delicate adornment that adorns this collection. Her mission is to create versatile separates that can be styled and worn in multiple ways.

About Anushka Khanna

Anushka Khanna

Anushka Khanna is a fashion designer known for her intricate craftsmanship and timeless designs that beautifully blend modern aesthetics with traditional elegance. She made her Lakme Fashion Week Debut with the collection ‘Floral Fragments,’ and she has been worn by several A-list celebrities such as Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Kajol, Ananya Panday, Deepika Padukone, Madhuri Dixit, and Alia Bhatt, who was also the face of one of her campaigns. With the Luminescence collection, Anushka Khanna continues to redefine the boundaries of luxury fashion, showcasing her commitment to creating separates that are beautifully designed, versatile and celebratory.

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