3 Spooky Cocktails For A Hair-raising Halloween

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As October rolls out, the Halloween fever kicks in, with contagiously energetic fervour catching up year after year on this side of the planet. It is one of those days that feels oddly special.

So, if you’re hosting a creepy little party this Halloween for friends with fun games, spooky music, and terrifyingly tasty snacks and drinks, Or just wish to invite your extended family for a unique Halloween meal and drinks? Don’t miss out on setting out something to sip on and steal the thunder. TheGlitz helps you bring the house down with three spooktacular cocktails this Halloween.

On a traditional note, be sure to play with lots of orange and black colors. From costumes to décor and food to drinks. Though green, purple, and yellow have also been incorporated into the colour scheme over time, orange and black still hold the ground solid. Add activities like lighting bonfires and playing creepy pranks to keep the mood upbeat. We’ve even got a creepy quiz to end the night on a scary note.


Black Sangria
Black Sangria


Good Dark Red Wine


Sparkling Water

Simple Syrup

Fresh Fruits


Add the sliced fruits to a pitcher

Add the Red wine, sparkling water, and Brandy to the fruit

Stir it all up and refrigerate it for a couple of hours before serving


Playdates to parties - Halloween cocktails
Photo credit: Playdates to parties – Halloween cocktails


Silver Tequila

Lime juice

Pineapple juice

Blue curacao White & Black salt


Rim the glass with a mixture of white and black salt

Add ice and silver tequila into a cocktail shaker

Pour in the lime juice, pineapple juice and the blue curacao

Shake it vigorously for 2 minutes then strain it into the glass and serve


Vampire's kiss martini
Vampire’s kiss martini


Spiced Rum

Raspberry liqueur

Sparkling wine

Red sugar for rim garnish


Rim a cocktail glass with red sugar

Pour vodka and raspberry liqueur into the glass

Top it with champagne

Gently pour some liqueur over the back of the spoon to allow it to float. Serve and enjoy

Halloween Quiz from TheGlitz

Why was A Nightmare on Elm Street III banned in Queensland?

A) Hate speech

B) Nudity

C) Excess gore

D) Drug references

It is illegal to dress as a nun or priest on Halloween in which state in the US?

A) Georgia

B) Texas

C) Alabama

D) Virginia

What is the hotel in the movie ‘The Shining’ called?

A) The Castle Rock Inn

B) The Starlight Hotel

C) The Overlook Hotel

D) Hotel Cortez

How many films are in the Friday the 13th series?

A) Two

B) 12

C) Six

D) 13

In what year did the Salem Witch Trials begin?

A) 1592

B) 1642

C) 1692

D) 1742

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