Holi Hai! Celebrities recount childhood memories!

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From rain dances to family get-togethers; Holi has always been a significant festival for these celebrities!

Sonu Chandrapal

I always stayed away from colours as I have always been protective of my hair and skin. I used to tell my brother to not put colours on my hair and face but he always used to put colours on me. He would throw watercolour balloons at me and that’s how we celebrated Holi. We always played Holi with each other and not others. At times, I don’t get to celebrate festivals with my family. There are a lot of friends I haven’t met on Holi and there’s no particular person. The government spends crores of rupees to filter water and we should also not waste water. The whole of India should play dry holi since it’s safe for the skin too.

Nivedita Basu

Holi once upon a time used to be my favourite but now it’s always viruses, diseases, corona, and viral have extended. I feel doing a tika and enjoying with food should be enough. I definitely want to meet Shalin Bhanot this year as I have hardly met him after Bigg Boss. I feel old friends should meet and reconcile, celebrate and relive golden days. I and my father-in-law keep discussing the wastage of water during festivals and then there are places where there are draughts and no proper water. People like my maid who have to wake up early to fill water and save it for the whole day.

Arushi Nishank

Well honestly, I don’t enjoy playing Holi but yes, it becomes special when I get a chance to meet my family and friends together. I love the things attached to Holi like Gujia, thandai, music. If I recall my favourite memory from childhood, it was when one of my cousin had made Bhang ke pakode and we ate them, we all went crazy. Holi is definitely a fun time to be with family and friends.
Over the period of time, the definition of festivals has changed a lot, but I feel festivals are very important as they bring family and friends together. Due to shoots and production housework, I hardly get time to visit my hometown and meet my family and friends, I am really looking forward to visiting Dehradun and having a good time with my family and friends this Holi, though I just want to give this message to all, to play a save Holi and don’t put any hazardous colours on anyone. I like Gulal tikka and that solves the entire purpose of Holi for me. The water crisis is not in Mumbai only; the whole world is suffering from it. India has only 4% of the world’s freshwater resources despite a population of over 1.39 billion people. As I said Holi means family and friends time with a gulal tikka, don’t waste water because there are a lot of people in the world who are not even getting drinking water.

Hansa Singh

The definition of Holi changes every year. But as childhood memories go, the best days are the Holi celebrations, of my life. With friends and families, everyone was there for the OG of color, gulal, paani, gujiyas, and dher saari masti. Get ready with the whites (which you can throw away post Holi) And after all playing it. Roaming with friends on the streets, visiting their houses to greet parents etc. Back home to sit with all Ariel, surfs ‘n’ whatnot to remove the colour! The most dreaded part of Holi. Now I stay in Aamchi Mumbai. It’s more to do with people in fraternity. Like a chore .. No warmth just in the presence. This year I have no plans.

Akash Sharma

My favourite childhood memory of Holi is how everyone who used to live in our lane, used to celebrate all festivals together as those days people living in one area were like big families. I had my friends and all of us used to enjoy holi very much with colours and having feasts at each other’s houses, it was so full of togetherness. Now as grown up – we friends wish each other with gulal and spend time with few close friends. Yes, definitely Holi, for me now, is to spend time with my family in this busy time. We have feasts and light moments of laughter and togetherness.

Saptrishi Ghosh

I don’t remember playing Holi as such during my childhood. I remember celebrating a little with my family and their friends and my landlord’s family. It used to be a joyous affair, not having school was the main fun for me. A childhood friend, who I haven’t met in a long time, would love to play Holi with me. But I know it’s not possible now because he isn’t coming to India and I don’t know when I would be able to travel USA. We are planning to celebrate with my co-stars of Kyuki Tum Hi Ho if that plan materialises. I would love to be with my daughter but due to my working schedule it doesn’t seem possible as she lives in Pune.

Hitanshu Jinsi

I remember when my cousins and I used to throw water balloons at strangers from our terrace it was a lot of fun. I don’t celebrate Holi anymore, some things tend to fade away with childhood. If I play I would play with organic colours only. While playing Holi please don’t harm anyone be it a human being or an animal. Play safe Holi and don’t waste water unnecessarily.

Subuhii Joshii

I have a lot of childhood memories of Holi, most of the Holi I have celebrated at my nani’s house. I am very close to my maternal family. All my cousins used to gather and we used to play Holi. My most cherished memories would be going to my Nani’s place. A day before rang Holi, we used to make gujiyas and water balloons. This Holi I have shows lined up. The definition has changed over the years. People think a lot before going anywhere. Earlier it used to be family and friends gathering around and eating food and celebrating. Now people just want to party. I have not my mother on Holi for a long time I really wish to celebrate Holi with my mother. Dry Holi should have been started a long back with organic colours. I have sensitive skin so I am really scared when people put colours on. The only time you should use water is after you play Holi.

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