In Talk with India’s Numero Uno Tattoo Artist: Lokesh Verma

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Credit: Devilz Tattooz

I sat cradled, my hand modestly stretched on the armrest, and my spine coiled like a spring, ecstatic and nervous in equal measure about getting my first tattoo — Om 🕉 scribbled on my biceps. The tattoo gun’s buzzing sound pierced the air. With the approaching threat, I sprang forward in a fight-or-flight response, generating a burst of energy and fleeing to safety. The year was 1991. Tattoo was street-smart. And I was naive.

Circa 2023: Age of Transformation. Tattoo is trendy and I am street-smart.

TheGlitz.Media chats with New Delhi tattooist and multidisciplinary artist Lokesh Verma on his craft-based obsession and using tattoo art as an artistic medium to create stunning sketch work that lives on the skin forever. Lokesh’s art speaks straight to the here and now. You’ll surely get inspired to get some ink art done on you.

Image: Lokesh Verma's Devilz Tattooz
Image: Lokesh Verma’s Devilz Tattooz

Prickled, marked, engraved, embellished, pierced, stained, embroidered or soul-enhancing art. Call it whatever you want. Tattoos have gone through a maze of acceptance and ostracism, pain and stain, joy and regret, from being a rage among the upper class to being connected with the outlawed class to now being more socially accepted and trendy among the millennial class.

TheGlitz presents Devil’z Tattooz

A renowned tattoo studio led by internationally accomplished tattoo artist Lokesh Verma. With studios in Europe and India, Lokesh is the only Indian artist named by Google as one of the world’s top tattoo artists. He has the distinction of being the first Asian artist to teach at the famed Academia Tie Polo, Italy’s premier Tattoo University.

Image: Devilz Tattoos

TheGlitz.Media: Give us an inside into your world: My world is very simple and contrary to popular belief as people might perceive when it comes to the life of a tattoo artist. My day starts at 10 AM and goes on till 5:00 in the evening where I’m tackling or creating designs for the planes throughout the day. In the evening I come back home and go outside with my family to the playground and play a little bit with my son who is 7 Years old. So in a nutshell my life is all about art or family.

Describe your art: When it comes on the screen then my style of preference is realism because I have been practicing this style since almost 2 decades but when it comes to paper, then I like to experiment with different styles of Art like Japanese, watercolors, Chicano, lettering etc. Since it is not possible to experiment on the skin so paper is a nice medium to go wild.

Image: Devilz Tattooz
Image: Devilz Tattooz

Describe the project you are working on now: Well, as we have opened up a new tattoo studio in Luxembourg and I’m taking care of it full time. Being a street level shop, there are many kinds of walk-ins and requests. So there are many projects that I’m working on in different styles of tattooing. It gives me a break from doing only realistic styles.

“Tattoos are not just about being trendy; they can have a profound impact on someone’s self-confidence and physical appearance.”

Lokesh Verma

Share with us any new forthcoming project we should know about: There are 2 back pieces I’m working on but as it takes multiple sessions over months, I’ll reveal it when they are complete.

Is Tattoo more about soul enhancing than body decoration: Yes, you can say that. People are not getting tattoos anymore only for aesthetic purposes. Nowadays people get more meaningful tattoos done which can be related to their faith, beliefs, memories and their loved ones, so it is definitely something which satisfies your soul.

Tattoo Artist Lokesh Verma
Tattoo Artist Lokesh Verma

Throw knowledge on SMP/SoundWave Tattoo: Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a technological evolution of aesthetic and medical cosmetology, which allows the introduction of a minimum amount of pigment into the surface layer of the scalp. SMP is a technique that allows you to mask hair loss (alopecia) in the most appropriate way, depending on the situation to be treated.

By performing this type of procedure, the shaved effect is achieved through a microscopic, pinpoint deposit under the control of a special pigment, aiming to achieve the most natural result. The demand for SMP is on the rise as it allows you to camouflage aesthetic flaws, restoring self-confidence to a person, suitable for both men and women.

Image: Devilz Tattoos
Image: Devilz Tattoos

Soundwave Tattoo: Turn ‘sounds’ into ‘memories’ with Soundwave/Talking Tattoos- A new, revolutionary way to let tattoos have audio, that are played through an app! An innovative way to immortalize voices or your favourite tunes through skin art is the futuristic, latest invention in the world of tattooing. People can get soundwave of their loved ones tattooed on them; it could be a message from a loved one,or the sound of your dear pet, or lyrics of your favourite song.

Soundwave tattoos is a pretty new technology and it’s really very cool. You can have the messages or sound of your special one and hear it anytime you want! This is more like a coded message which no one else can know; but whenever you feel like hearing their sound you can just scan the tattoo and playback.

“A key advantage of this Scalp Micropigmentation is its reversibility, non-allergenic nature, and biocompatibility. This is made possible by the use of special pigments that can be absorbed by the body.”

Aleksandra, International Cosmetic Tattoo Artist at Devil’z Tattooz

Source of your creative inspiration: Nature is the biggest source of creative inspiration. For example, the textures on a tree’s bark, the patterns on the waves, and the micro-nervous patterns on leaves. They are all sources of inspiration if you are into realistic styles of drawing and tattooing.

Any predictions for the industry: I’m no astrologer or a sage but I think in India, tattooing is just at its nascent stage and there is a lot of potential to be explored. India will definitely see some world class artists in the coming years.

Tattoo Artist Lokesh Verma
Image: Devilz Tattoos


Black or bold-color

Scalp work or Cosmetic work

Who is it easier-Men or Women

Dawn or Dusk

Virtue or Sin
Virtue because discipline is important

Early bird or Night owl
Night owl

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