Lakshadweep rules as the most ‘Googled’ island

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been spotlighting the pristine beauty of Lakshadweep sending a strong message amidst the Maldives controversy. In fact, after the PM’s visit, this gorgeous island has also become one of the foremost ‘Googled’ archipelagoes in the world. Cordelia Cruises too has emerged as the unparalleled leader in introducing Indian travelers to the splendours of Lakshadweep. TheGlitz reports.

Surge of Interest in Lakshadweep

Since 2021, they have been the only cruise line consistently facilitating remarkable journeys to this unexplored paradise, making them the definitive choice for anyone aspiring to visit Lakshadweep. Following PM Modi’s recent visit, interest in this pristine archipelago has skyrocketed, with Cordelia Cruises experiencing a 2500% surge in booking queries.

Stats & Figures

200,000+ Indians Introduced to Lakshadweep Since 2021: Cordelia Cruises has been the only cruise line to facilitate over 200,000 Indians’ discovery of Lakshadweep since 2021.

80,000 Passengers Annually explore Lakshadweep through Cordelia Cruises.

Regular Sailings from Mumbai, Goa, and Kochi: Offering unparalleled access to Lakshadweep.

Significant Economic Contribution through Shore Excursions: Boosting local economies and creating symbiotic relationships with the island communities.


“We are thrilled about the growing interest in Lakshadweep; we are committed to being an integral part of its growth story. Cordelia Cruises is proud to have introduced over 200,000 Indians to the mesmerising islands of Lakshadweep since 2021, significantly contributing to the region’s tourism and local economies. We’ve witnessed a remarkable interest for Lakshadweep cruises, particularly the 4-night and 5-night itineraries from Mumbai, which echoes the public’s enthusiasm for exploring this idyllic destination”, Jurgen Bailom, President and CEO of Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt Ltd, Cordelia Cruises.

Dream Cruise

India’s cruising landscape has been witnessing a remarkable transformation, and Cordelia Cruises is at the forefront of this monumental shift.

With a commitment to delivering world-class cruising experiences, Cordelia Cruises has played a significant role in making the dream of cruising accessible to countless Indian travellers.

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