Manish Malhotra Ushers In New Traditions For His Bridal Couture Show 2023-24

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Manish Malhotra showstoppers Alia Bhatt & Ranveer Singh

The Manish Malhotra Bridal Couture Show 2023-24 embraces a unique blend of earthy hues and sophisticated silhouettes, indicating the evolving mindset of the modern bride – one who dares to redefine the norms of elegance and tradition.

Manish Malhotra, Alia Bhatt & Ranveer Singh

The Jio World Convention Centre was the grand stage for Manish Malhotra’s Bridal Couture Show 2023-24 on July 20 as the brand celebrated its 18 years with its couture show, sponsored by Century Laminates and L’Alliance by Pernod Ricard India. TheGlitz exclusively reports.

An opulent display of earthly sophistication unfolded, revealing Manish Malhotra’s new logo in the form of an eye-catching, life-sized backdrop. Amidst the glow of shimmering mirrors, models gracefully appeared their strides in sync with the harmonious classical rhythms of The Bombay Choir.

Manish Malhotra’s fashion spectacles have always been a magnet for A-list celebrities, whether they grace the runway or occupy the coveted front-row seats – a concept he has pioneered in India. Continuing the tradition, this year’s Bridal Couture Show featured Bollywood’s most prominent luminaries, the young sensation Alia Bhatt and charismatic Ranveer Singh, as the star showstoppers.

Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhatt, showstoppers of the Manish Malhotra Bridal Couture Show

Ranveer Singh made a grand entrance through the towering MM insignia, donning a beige sherwani resplendent with intricate floral embroidery paired with a royal silk panelled kurta completed with a luxuriously detailed brown and ivory stole, exhibiting meticulous craftsmanship at its edges.

Following his walk that infused warmth and energy into the audience, the beautiful Alia Bhatt took centre stage. Bringing in a regal element of glamour to the ramp, Alia glowed in a lush grey velvet lehenga, illustrated with meticulous high-shine silver nakshi hand embroidery and delicate pearls.

Her ensemble was heightened by an extraordinary head veil. Enhancing the overall aesthetic while maintaining individuality, the signature Manish Malhotra veil flowed like a silken river down her back, the edges whispering tales of refined craftsmanship and masterful design, proving once again that in fashion, every detail matters.

The Bridal Couture Show 2023-24 splendidly underscored the timeless charm of natural and earthy tones, reaffirming that these hues never fade from fashion’s radar. The collection unveiled Manish Malhotra’s classic shades of ivory and rose, then ushered in an invigorating palette of oyster, gunmetal grey, caramel, and navy.

The warm spectrum evoked comfort and instilled a sense of serenity. Proudly aligning the Manish Malhotra brand with elements and textures from nature, the collection is illuminated, offering a sartorial sanctuary that beautifully weaves the subtleties of the natural world into each meticulously crafted piece. Caramel shades carried an irresistible vibe, conjuring up visions of summer and sun-kissed tan, while the oyster hues exuded tranquility. The Navy, on the other hand, conveyed a profound sense of trust and loyalty.

The show’s silhouettes were a dream, striking the perfect harmony between conventional and current. It presented a fresh interpretation of peplums, slim skirts, jackets, and draped saris, marking the pulse of fashion. Manish Malhotra’s quintessential touch was unmissable with his bridal lehengas, sparkling kurtas, and shararas. The drama was heightened by extravagant trails and head veils, punctuated by a range of distinct, statement-making blouses. His artistry shone through in the hand-embroidered pieces featuring classic Zardozi, Aari, Kashmiri, Thread-work, and Taban techniques. In a bold stroke of genius, Manish Malhotra presents novel silhouettes for daring brides like a Black Tuxedo Kurta delicately veiled in mystery. This innovative blend of impeccable tailoring merging Eastern mystique demonstrates an audacious shift from conventional bridal wear.

Effortlessly encapsulating luxury, the brand sparkles through a mosaic of sequins and crystals. Each reflects off a mirrored backdrop, creating a couture spectacle. Skilled artisans merge time-honored methods with modern designs, showcasing the brand’s unique synthesis of tradition and innovation.

Ethereal, in this context, takes on a new meaning through a fusion of earthy charm, nature’s allure, and simple beauty, proving glamour can be profound yet serene.

The Bridal Couture Show 2023-24 subtly disrupts bridal wear norms while honoring tradition, celebrating the bold bride who, like Manish Malhotra, ventures into uncharted territories with warmth and grace.

Every detail played along with the flow of the show; The accessories consisted of heritage gems, along with a display of his newest and most exclusive collection to date– Manish Malhotra Jewellery. The models displayed a spectacular composition of Uncuts, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and pearls, exuding timeless elegance.

A special mention to our collaborators, The Jio World Convention Centre. Designed to be an epicenter of ideas, innovation and culture, Jio World Convention Centre is the foremost venue for weddings, social events, conventions and exhibitions, in the heart of the city, Bandra Kurla Complex. Manish Malhotra’s fashion show was hosted at the 3,000 sq.m. The Lotus Ballroom of the Centre made for a spectacular viewing experience for the guests.

Speaking on the occasion, Keshav Bhajanka, Executive Director, Century Plyboards (India) Limited. said, “I am so proud and delighted That CenturyLaminates has tied up with Mr Manish Malhotra, a designer par excellence, to bring this range of laminates to our customers. Over the last few years, we have been witnessing a sea change in customer behaviour& lifestyle. They are looking at brands to amplify their style quotient and enhance their personality. They are aligned with global trends and exposed to international styling. We thought of ‘revolution’ not ‘evolution’ and who better than Mr Manish Malhotra to turn the ‘revolution’ we had envisioned into reality. He has effortlessly extended his expertise and his customer insight – from dresses to brand labels to accessories to, eventually, furniture.
When it comes to designing what goes inside the wardrobe, Manish Malhotra is the undisputed master. We put up a new challenge for him by asking him to design what goes outside a wardrobe as opposed to one that is globally known for i.e., dresses that go inside the wardrobe. Not only did he graciously accept the challenge but also reinvented himself to come up with designs that are completely out of this world. CenturyLaminates by Manish Malhotra introduces a designer of this stature into the laminates category for the very first time. This trend-beating genre of designer laminates – uber cool, super classy and a pride to own – is aptly described as Fashion for your Furniture. Discerning customers, interior designers and architects will now be like painters & sculptors – mixing & matching these laminates, making their imagination run wild as they create their own masterpieces.”

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