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Range Rover

Range Rover House has opened its doors for the first time in India, offering clients curated modern luxury experiences as they explore the locally manufactured Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. India is the first country outside the UK to manufacture the iconic Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, specially built for a local clientele. TheGlitz reports.

The Range Rover House Story

Range Rover House brings the brand’s DNA and design leadership to the fore, through a range of experiences and activities in a setting carefully curated to reflect Range Rover refinement and the brand’s relevance to the local culture.

Professor Gerry McGovern OBE, Chief Creative Officer, JLR, said: “Creativity is best expressed in an enriching, immersive space. Range Rover House is a literal embodiment of Range Rover – an opportunity for our clients to explore our modern luxury vision, transcending the traditional exchange within a showroom. Our ambition is to ignite our clients’ passions, building emotional connections via unique, intimate and memorable experiences. We are taking Range Rover House to India for the first time, where clients will be able to immerse themselves in our story in a space which combines breath-taking modernity and refinement with local flair.”

Located on the most striking coastline in India, in a luxury villa that provides a secluded sanctuary surrounded by lush greenery, Range Rover House is the perfect venue to showcase the locally manufactured Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. The overall experience will enable clients to embark on a bespoke journey, wherein each touchpoint – from their journey to the venue on a private luxury yacht to their experiences at Range Rover House itself – will immerse them in the essence of modern luxury while indulging their five senses.


Clients will be warmly welcomed into the Range Rover House through a story of Range Rover’s rich heritage. This contemporary space is meticulously curated to showcase the timeless beauty and innovation of Range Rover, from inception to the present day.

Bespoke Studio

Range Rover epitomises reductive design and tailored finishes. Range Rover House brings to life these characteristics. At the Bespoke Studio, clients will get a first-hand experience that allows them to personalise and commission their next Range Rover alongside specialists from Special Vehicle Operations.

Design Studio

Attending this masterclass with Range Rover’s expert design team will offer clients insights into the intricate process of curating luxury vehicles. Clients will be exposed to the overall aesthetic considerations that go into creating a Range Rover and offered an opportunity to sketch their own Range Rover.

Luxe Atelier

At the Luxe Atelier, clients will be treated to an exclusive experience curated by SS Homme, a contemporary bespoke design house. From fashion designers of some of India’s most elite, clients at Range Rover House will get an insider’s perspective on the current trends of reductive luxury fashion and simplicity, while also receiving personalised consultations on their own fashion requirements.

Fragrance Lab

The Fragrance Lab, where each scent is a masterpiece and every bottle holds a symphony of fragrances, is a space for clients to indulge in the art of perfume making under the guidance of a master perfumer. It will offer an opportunity to experience the beauty of carefully curated scents extracted from ingredients sourced from their places of origin – be it Darjeeling for tea, Kashmir for saffron or Assam for vetiver.

Wellness Sanctuary

Facilitated by a leading sound therapist, the sound and crystal healing session at Range Rover House’s Wellness Sanctuary will enable clients to immerse themselves in the sound of silence while relaxing and rejuvenating away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Tasting Vault

The specially curated Tasting Vault at Range Rover House offers an artisanal experience in fine spirits, bringing to life the most refined flavours. Fine Scotch and Tequila paired with artisanal chocolate and cheese will provide a refined and sophisticated experience like no other.

Modern Luxury Culinary Experience

Leading restaurant Masque will cater a first-of-its-kind tasting menu, using seasonal ingredients and techniques that draw out the best flavours, well suited for a summer day. Paired with influences from around the world, each flavour will be the result of India’s distinctive produce and culinary heritage, explored through the lens of Range Rover House.

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