Saif Ali Khan’s House of Pataudi’s latest festive campaign features Koh-i-noor-inspired collection. TheGlitz spotlights

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It’s the time to showcase true-blue Royalty. So roll the carpet and blow the bugle for the House of Pataudi has announced a new brand campaign, featuring star siblings Saif and Soha Ali Khan, showcasing ensembles that exude elegance and uphold a legacy of craftsmanship. Launched amidst the splendor of the festive season on Myntra, the campaign serves as a grand unveiling of House of Pataudi’s Autumn-Winter ‘23 collection, Koh-i-noor, a stunning range inspired from the most coveted diamond, along with offering an array of enchanting festive ensembles to adorn shoppers throughout the festive and wedding seasons, and beyond. TheGlitz spotlights.

House of Pataudi

As part of the campaign, an ad film starring Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan showcases the latest offerings from the House of Pataudi in vivid detail. The collection takes inspiration from the renowned history of the Koh-i-noor diamond, tracing its path through various dynasties – including the Vijayanagar Empire, the Nizam dynasty, the opulence of the Mughals and the influence of Persian culture – and celebrates its journey as the shining beacon of grandeur that it is today. This campaign draws a compelling parallel to the journey of the House of Pataudi brand; just as the Koh-i-noor, the House of Pataudi ensembles showcase exquisite craftsmanship. For example – The ‘Nizam-e-noor’ collection draws its inspiration from the opulent Nizam dynasty, showcasing intricate thread embroideries adorned with silver and gold zari, as well as zardozi highlights on luxurious fabrics. The ‘Passage to Persia’ draws from the rich tapestry of Persian culture and textiles, featuring use of gems, gold, silver, and copper embellishments. The collection is replete with details like potli buttons, sheer and velvet inserts, and intricate gota laces, creating a lavish and captivating aesthetic.

Timeless Crafts & Heritage Styes

The brand campaign is designed to enable shoppers to experience and fully embrace the various tenets of the brand, including timeless crafts such as chikankari, zardozi, tilla, and brocade, colours carefully chosen for different occasions, textiles such as velvet and chanderi, as well as silhouettes that are quintessentially House of Pataudi – modern yet rooted, understated yet distinctive. With the festive and wedding vibes already in the season, patrons will get access to a diverse selection of styles for all – pathani kurta and sherwanis for men, sharara and angrakha for women, alongside traditional footwear and occasion wear for festivals like Diwali as well get a peek into how each and every brand product is crafted.

About the film:

The opening sequence sees the camera panning over the breathtaking setting of the majestic Fort Barwara in Rajasthan, with its traditional architecture. The visuals set the stage for an era characterized by rich culture, elegance and aesthetics. As the film unfolds, Saif and Soha are seen, adorned in the House of Pataudi’s contemporary yet classy and timeless crafts. Saif’s voiceover seamlessly bridges the heritage of a magical era in the past, where every motif, pattern, and detail was meticulously crafted, and aligns it with the House of Pataudi brand, which upholds these intricacies and brings the treasures from various legacies. The film showcases the brand’s offerings which include Sherwanis, Kurtas, and Kurta sets, among others, with soothing melodies of a traditional raga running throughout the film. The film closes with Saif welcoming viewers to the House of Pataudi, and inviting them to ‘experience royalty’ through fashion, encapsulating the one-of-a-kind proposition offered by House of Pataudi.

The campaign will be amplified through various social media and influencer marketing initiatives, as well as exciting opportunities such as winning a staycation at a top 5-star palace hotel in Rajasthan, courtesy of Myntra’s partnership with Cleartrip.

Saif Says

Commenting on the brand campaign, Saif Ali Khan said, “House of Pataudi is a reflection of my personal style. It’s a brand deeply rooted in grandeur and regal aesthetics, with meticulous attention to detail held to finer craftsmanship. With the festive season approaching, these collections undeniably add an extra layer of joy to your celebrations. It’s a brand crafted with passion, and we aspire to share this experience with fashion enthusiasts across the country.”

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