Secret Temptation roll-on perfumes are super chic and the scent, sheer divine. TheGlitz verdict!

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Want to know a secret? The alluring ‘Secret Temptation‘ is here! And, why do we say that? Well, in these fast-paced, active times, you need to always smell good and for that, you need that special ‘go-to’ product that rolls on to keep you confident and smelling good. Well since we are great believers in looking and smelling good, we were undoubtedly glad that ‘Secret Temptation’ sent TheGlitz their gift hamper of roll-on perfumes for a review. Being super critical and self-admitted nitpickers, TheGlitz checked out the products thoroughly. And this is our verdict…

Secret Temptation comes in an attractive box packaged really well. In fact, even before you open the box, you get a sniff of some heavenly scents that really puts you in a great mood even before you try the perfumes. The roll-ons look very elegant and are available in four irresistible variants: Cuddle, Love, Blossom and Stardust…. catchy names.

So TheGlitz went on to try out each of the roll-ons:

Stardust: We are all ex-Stardust Magazine and admit rather proudly that we have Stardust running through our veins. So but obviously, we tried this out first. The Stardust roll-on violet perfume smelt alluring and mysterious, and had top notes of peach, pear and black currant. The middle note had a lovely floral muguet, rose and iris notes, and the base was of tonka beans, musk and amber.

TheGlitz verdict: This roll-on was our fave and is perfect for an evening out.

The Cuddle blue roll-on gave a warm uplifting scent. The top notes were green notes, orange, lily of the valley and bergamot. The middle notes had a light flowery scent since the notes were of jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose, and honey. The base was musk, vanilla, patchouli and amber.

TheGlitz verdict: We absolutely loved it!

Blossom (a vivid purple roll-on) as the name suggests had a nice floral scent. The top notes were of citrus and green, while the middle notes were of rose and white floral. This base too had a hint of musk, sandalwood and amber.

TheGlitz verdict: A lovely roll-on that lingers on for a long time and keeps you feeling fresh. Definitely, our ‘go-to’ roll-on.

Love – this roll-on came in a light blue hue and had top notes of green, hyacinth and neroli. The middle notes were of jasmine, muguet, orange blossom and spicy. The base was animalic, mossy, oriental and woody.

TheGlitz verdict: We thought it was perfect as a day perfume roll-on.

Secret Temptation hamper review:

TheGlitz verdict: All of the four roll-on perfumes looked very attractive and had distinctive scents. They were long-lasting, travel friendly, easy to apply and compact. The fragrances too were skin friendly – a lot of people have sensitive skin but these roll-ons are perfect and suit all skin types. The best thing about the Secret Temptation hamper was that all four roll-ons had very distinctive scents so you can pick and choose according to your personality and mood.

Priced at INR 740, the 10 ml roll-on set of four is available at Secret Temptation’s official website and on leading e-commerce sites.


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