Summer lovin’ makeup

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TheGlitz Pick! We love makeup and so we thought we’d check out some new brands and their summer launches. Read on…

MOIRA– Summer Makeup Essentials

MOIRA is all set to launch its latest Summer Makeup collection- which includes the products that one should have in order to achieve the perfect natural makeup look in the summer season. This collection includes silky-rich pigmented cream shadows available in 11 different shades, waterproof and smudge resistant Eye-catching dip liner, Matte Liquid Lips in 14 shades for different looks, Soft Focus Waterproof Setting Powder for a flawless finish, and Micro Dot Setting Spray to lock your makeup. With the combination of these products, you can experiment and try different glamorous and creative makeup looks.

Lucent Cream Shadow

MOIRA Lucent Shadow delivers bendable, soft cream-gel formula with silky-rich pigment. Our cream shadows glide on evenly using a brush or for an incandescent finish use your fingertips. Layer in infinite to create soft, subtle to bold and smoky eye looks. Available in 11 different shades.

INR 950

Eye Catching Dip Liner

MOIRA Eye Catching Dip liner is the ultimate long-wear eyeliner, completely waterproof and smudge resistant. The fine, flexible brush tip pen for precision and easy application will guide the line to a striking finish and can be used on eyes, face, and body.

INR 1,030

Matte Liquid Lips

Opaque lip color that goes on creamy and dries to a matte finish. The special spatula applicator hugs all the contours of your lips ensuring even application in one swipe. Long-lasting, all-day wear in 14 shades to suit your every look.

INR 1,090

Soft Focus Waterproof Setting Powder
MOIRA Soft Focus Waterproof Setting Powder is a refined, waterproof, and oil control setting powder for a natural matte, flawless finish. This hydrophobic formula uses an innovative coating technology with Microspheres to create a silky-smooth texture and blur pores and imperfections. Contains Silica which helps with oil control and provides a mattified skin complexion.

INR 1,720

Micro- Dot Setting Spray

Weightlessly set and lock your makeup with MOIRA Microdot Setting Spray. This micro-spray uses an aero spray technology that helps evenly disperse microdroplets and maintain an airbrush finish for a flawless complexion with no mess up. Formulated with moisturizers to keep skin hydrated, including floral water, Sodium Hyaluronate, and herbal extracts. Enhanced with Retinol and Kaolin help to reduce excess oil while tightening pores, and eliminating shine.

Formulated for all skin types.

INR 2,590

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmos Eyeshadow Palette

Introducing the Anastasia Beverly Hills COSMOS Eyeshadow Palette, a 12-shade palette inspired by explosively sparkling, star-filled galaxies.

Makeup Studio:

Compact Powder Make-Up

This compact powder is a must-have for on-the-go touch-ups. With its long-lasting matte effect, it can be applied wet or dry, giving you flexibility in achieving your desired look. It serves multiple functions as a compact fixing powder, powder makeup, and long-lasting foundation. When applied moist, it offers enhanced coverage and longevity. The hidden sponge, accessible through a handy flap, adds convenience to its already portable design.
Price:- 2270

Lumiere Blusher
Achieve a radiant, healthy glow with this blush that effortlessly enhances your cheeks, cheekbones, and facial features. The Blusher Lumière is a meticulously baked powder that stays in place without any excess dust. Infused with micro gloss particles, it imparts a delicate shimmer for a subtle yet stunning effect
Price:- 1810

Lumiere Highlighting Powder
Get a stunning, healthy glow that highlights your best features with this exceptional powder. The Lumiere Highlighting Powder is a richly pigmented formula designed to deliver an irresistible radiance. Its glossy finish adds a touch of sophistication, whether applied as a final touch over foundation or for a more effortless, natural look on clean skin. Experience the beauty and luminosity this powder brings to your overall makeup routine.
Price:- 2270

Eyeshadow in Box
This eyeshadow collection features a diverse selection of matte and shiny shades in vibrant and natural colors. Whether applied wet or dry, these eyeshadows offer endless possibilities for creating beautiful and unique color combinations.
Price:- 1170

Matte Effect Silk Duo
Get ready to fall in love with the next-generation Matte Silk Effect Lip Duo. This exceptional formula offers a long-lasting, comfortable matte finish for your lips. These liquid lipsticks provide full coverage with a completely matte effect, free from any shine or shimmer. The highly pigmented formula glides on like a gloss and transforms into a velvety matte texture. Achieve flawless coverage with just one coat. The innovative double-sided design includes a nourishing base coat and a vibrant matte color for easy application. Infused with pomegranate extract, this formula not only provides intense nutrition but also ensures your lips are cared for.
Price:- 2180
Availability:- Pan India,
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