TheGlitz Pick: “Luxeglamp” – India’s first luxury ‘bubble glamping’ resort opens at Munnar, Kerala

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You love nature, are an adrenalin junkie and adventure seeker… and yet you don’t want to compromise on your luxury lifestyle… Isn’t that a tough combination? Not at all… Luxeglamp EcoResorts, which pioneered India’s first luxury glamping project, has now launched India’s first exquisite ‘bubble glamping’ resort in the picturesque hill station of Munnar, Kerala. Set amidst the breathtaking vistas of mountains, valleys and lakes, this new site embodies the perfect harmony between captivating views and environmental conservation. TheGlitz spotlights this entire concept of luxe glamping” initiated by Luxeglamp EcoResorts.

Bubble Glamps

Located at Poopara, Munnar in Kerala, Luxeglamp Munnar’s six (6) bubble glamps are situated within the idyllic lush green landscape of the hill station and cardamom plantations offering a mesmerizing experience that promises panoramic views and an unparalleled stargazing experience.

Bubble Glamping

Antony Thomas, CEO & Founder of Luxeglamp EcoResorts commented “Our aim is to bring new, innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly glamping and hospitality experiences to our guests. With the Luxeglamp Kodaikanal resort, we were the first to provide a luxury glamping experience with geodesic Domes. Now we are bringing forth the first ever experience of Bubble Glamping in India, which has an enchanting experience for guests.”

Glamping has become increasingly popular in India, with more people seeking unique and sustainable travel experiences. Luxeglamp is at the forefront of this trend, offering guests a chance to connect with nature without sacrificing on comfort.

Luxeglamp Munnar features specially designed Suite Bubble Glamps and Premium Bubble Glamps, each with its own unique private areas, including wooden patios, hot tubs, saunas, and hammocks. The property also features an on-site restaurant that offers complimentary breakfast. Guests can also enjoy a variety of activities including hiking, waterfall trekking, boating, bird watching, and exploring nearby forests and tea plantations.

Beyond its luxurious accommodations, Luxeglamp at Kodaikanal boasts of an orchard with over 700 fruit-bearing trees as well as an organic kitchen garden to provide guests with the best of nature’s gifts. The company has taken great strides to become an eco-friendly glamping provider by promoting sustainable and removable temporary stay structures, thereby avoiding deforestation and leaving minimal impact on the environment.

LuxeGlamp’s Bubble Glamping

With its second glamping site in Munnar, Luxeglamp continues to redefine the intersection of luxury, comfort, and nature, offering an extraordinary escape to travellers seeking an immersive and sustainable experience.

“We plan to add another five resorts across India and internationally in the coming two years” further continued Mr Thomas.

Want to know more about Luxeglamp EcoResorts L.L.P?

Luxeglamp EcoResorts L.L.P is India’s first luxury glamping provider, offering a glamorous and eco-friendly way to immerse in nature. With its picturesque locations in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Luxeglamp combines panoramic views with exceptional amenities focused on environmental conservation and minimal ecological footprint. Each glamping site features unique glamps with cozy rooms, hot tubs, private patios, and delicious food providing an unforgettable experience. Luxeglamp is committed to the harmonious coexistence of nature and hospitality where guests can indulge in the luxuries of a hotel room while embracing the wonders of the natural world.

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