TheGlitz pick of the week: This summer season, give your house an upgrade with pretty planters by Bonasila

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There’s a ‘Red Alert’ in Maximum City for a scorching heat wave and what better way to escape the scorching heat than by seeking refuge in your inside haven replete with indoor plants in pretty planters? Whether it’s your office or living room, a touch of green can make it a haven of tranquility more so with Bonasila planters. TheGlitz pick of the week: Planters by Bonasila.These exquisite planters will infuse your living space with a touch of nature, revitalizing the ambiance.

Not Only Indoors

And if you think these pretty planters are only for indoor spaces, think again! Bonasila’s collection of contemporary, chic, and lightweight planters is also ideal for sprucing up your terrace and urban gardens. Indeed, you can elevate your outdoor spaces with a burst of vibrant colors and create a captivating oasis.

Here’s how you can transform your living areas with Bonasila’s wide range of planters:

Vonny Orange
Vonny Orange

Indoor decor inspiration with Bonasila

Feijo MS By Bonasila
Price – Rs. 27,680/-
Description – These tall FRP U-shaped planters redefine the concept of very large planters by seamlessly blending elegance with functionality. They prove that you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics to accommodate your green companions.

Nimo By Bonasila
Price – Rs. 24,380/-
Nimo MS offers a comfortable and stylish solution for cultivating your green companions. With their U-shaped design, generous size, and convenient height, you can tend to your garden with ease and grace. No more strained backs or sore knees; these plant pots are here to make gardening a joyous and bountiful experience.

Ovalio By Bonasila
Price – Rs. 3,670-Rs.21,960/-
The U-cup-shaped design of Nonez allows you to create your botanical oasis, whether you prefer a profusion of blooming flowers or a lush display of greenery.

Nivoli By Bonasila
Price – Rs. 4,430-Rs.7,200/-
Nivoli rises high as your dearest welcoming friend at the door. You can not miss buying stylish planters like these to enliven in the isolated and unseen places around you. FRP planters like these are overpowering enough to stand up to your desk, sidewalls, or empty backyards with their smooth yet curvy edges.

Outdoor summer decor inspiration with Bonasila

Tagaro By Bonasila
Price – Rs.8,620-Rs.15,420/-
Description – These planters give you a sense of belongingness as soon as your eyes catch hold of them. It gives your interiors an aesthetic retreat along with its traditional legacy. These fiberglass planters are very minimalistic and can be placed in your lobbies, entrances, kitchen areas, etc. These low bowl planters have great stability and have a stunning display.

Corsa By Bonasila
Price – Rs. 5,070-Rs.15,760/-
Corsa reintroduces classic shapes with a touch of modernity and it makes a subtle yet bold statement. These pots are suitable to place near your office space, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. It’s durable and made to withstand the elements all year round and can be used for vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruit trees, and more.
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Pothos By Bonasila
Price – Rs. 22,60/-
One of the standout features of Pothos MS is its broad U-shaped design. These large fiber pots are not just functional; they are works of art that create a stunning display and enhance the overall decor of your space. The curves add an element of grace and fluidity, serving as a perfect backdrop for your green companions to shine.

With a diverse range of designs, sizes, and colors, Bonasila offers something for every aesthetic, season, and spatial requirement. From sleek minimalist designs to intricate patterns, each planter is a testament to craftsmanship and innovation.

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