TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Dr Bhavya Vankar, Co-Founder, Quantum CorpHealth

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Dr. Bhavya Vankar is the co-founder and the director of the Patient Experience and the Business Development wing at Quantum Corphealth. Pvt. Ltd.

From having a flourishing clinical practice for 10 years to being a LIC panelist… creating a positive impact on people has been at the center of her life. With Quantum Corphealth. Pvt. Ltd., she is at the forefront of not only helping people but also setting new standards in the Indian corporate healthcare segment. With an entrepreneurial mindset and healthcare expertise, Dr Bhavya Vankar is rapidly bridging the gap between expectations and deliverables in healthcare services. Providing the greatest medical treatment to the citizens of the nation and eventually the world is Dr. Bhavya Vankar’s goal. In light of this, she embarked on a career path in healthcare. Dr Bhavya Vankar and Dr. Narendra Vankar founded Quantum, with the aim to take healthcare to new heights. In an interview with TheGlitz, Dr Bhavya Vankar discusses milestones and more.

Over To Dr Bhavya Vankar

Your journey has had many momentous milestones. Could you tell us about the life-changing milestones that have moulded you to be what you are today?

Although it’s not quite a milestone, it took me a long time to heal from an accident that happened some 13 or 14 years ago, seriously injuring both my knee joints. And that’s when I decided to continue working out, and I have been reaping the rewards ever since.

What are the setbacks you have faced? How did you tackle these setbacks or challenges? And what lesson have you learned from it?

Yes, there were a lot of disappointments. I do want to highlight one failure, though, and that was COVID. It was a significant setback, and as you might guess, it was challenging to retain every person during that period. Luckily, we handled it well enough to get out of it unscathed. That was really good. We also introduced a number of COVID packages and created a new teleconsultation vertical to serve all the impoverished individuals in need of medical guidance at that very moment.

When you look back, what are the three qualities in you that have helped you become what you are today?

I think passion, perseverance, and confidence are qualities that most represent me.

Who are the people who have been the wind behind your wings?

My family has unquestionably given me the ability to soar. In particular, my spouse, Dr. Narendra Wankar, has been incredibly supportive from the beginning. Naturally, my children and in-laws provided me with a solid foundation; without them, I could not have progressed as far as I have.

Lastly, if there was a quote to define you, what would it be?

I’ve discovered that perseverance and hard effort are the keys to obtaining everything worthwhile in life.

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