TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Riddhi Bhagat, Founder & Concept Leader, Binge on Baked (BOB)

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Riddhi Bhagat, the maestro behind Binge on Baked (BOB), is a trained Corporate Legal Consultant, but above all, an entrepreneur by heart. Having a knack for playing entrepreneurial roles with diverse skills and interests, she envisioned herself as the right fit in her husband’s legacy business with a vision to expand the portfolio of Bhagat Halwai, creating a new brand, BOB. She embarked on launching Binge on Baked, committed to delivering mouth-watering yet healthiest binging experience to quality-conscious consumers of new India.

Apart from spearheading the BOB, Riddhi also plays an instrumental role in expanding the portfolio of Bhagat Halwai with delicious and exclusive sweets, snacks, and appetizers. Her passion for business and commitment to delighting customers with unmatched quality and incomparable user experience added exceptional value to the brand serving both the classes and masses since 1795. Riddhi’s five-year-long stint in the hospitality sector is one of the breakthrough accomplishments in her credentials, which is now a powerful entrepreneurial catalyst in the establishment of BOB. Besides, her exemplary culinary skills create a win-win equation between BOB and its growing patrons.

Here, Riddhi Bhagat talks to TheGlitz about her work and more.

Over To Riddhi Bhagat

Riddhi Bhagat

Your journey has had many momentous milestones. Could you tell us about the life-changing milestones that have moulded you to be what you are today?

Embarking from a tier 1 to a tier 2 city after marriage brought challenges that significantly influenced my professional trajectory. Despite holding a professional degree, transitioning from a corporate career to my husband’s business became the watershed moment of my life. This subtle challenge was instrumental in sculpting the person I am today. Adapting to a non-corporate environment provided me with unique insights into the intricacies of the retail sector. It allowed me to observe operations and manufacturing processes from their foundational stages closely. Through these experiences, I cultivated resilience, adaptability, and a profound understanding of embracing challenges, ultimately shaping my identity as the proud owner of BingeOn Baked (BOB).

What are the setbacks you have faced? How did you tackle these setbacks or challenges? And what lesson have you learned from it?

The major challenge I encountered was recruiting the right production staff for Binge On Baked. Ensuring the correct individuals were in suitable roles and acquiring quality raw materials proved to be a formidable task in our cities. The ongoing challenge of securing the right people and materials became a recurring theme.
In navigating these setbacks, I learned the importance of steadfast planning. Solutions may not always be apparent immediately, but maintaining a firm commitment to the planning process is crucial.

When you look back, what are the three qualities in you that have helped you become what you are today?

Reflecting on my journey, the three qualities that have been pivotal in shaping who I am today include the steadfast commitment to not relying on others for decisions, fostering financial independence, and consistently maintaining a positive mindset. These qualities have not only guided my personal and professional choices but have also played a crucial role in my growth and success.

Who are the people who have been the wind behind your wings?

Before marriage, my father and sister were the unwavering support that fueled my journey. Their encouragement brought out the best in me, and I vividly recall the pride my sister expressed, saying, “I am so proud to be your sister.” Post-marriage, my family, particularly my husband, continue to shower daily messages of pride in my achievements. Additionally, my in-laws have become strong pillars, significantly contributing to my growth and the person I am today.

Lastly, if there was a quote to define you, what would it be?

The legendary Formula One Champion, Mario Andretti, once said, “Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” I also believe that daily commitment and unwavering determination pave the way for victory in every aspect of life.

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