TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Siddha Jain, CBO, Bombae

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Siddha Jain

Siddha Jain is the Chief Business Officer (CBO) at Bombae (by Bombay Shaving Company) – an Indian beauty and personal care brand. Erstwhile Bombay Shaving Company Women.

Siddha is responsible for driving business critical mandates and building equity across channels and services. Her multi-dimensional qualities as a leader has ensured a fundamentally strong, people-centric, sustainable business, with enormous potential. Just over a year old; Bombae already accounts for 20% of Bombay Shaving Company’s revenues.
Her vision is to make Bombae the go-to brand for hair removal products for women in India. She strives boldly to break archaic narratives and celebrate the fact that hair removal is a personal choice. The brand encourages women to shun stereotypes and enables them to be #SmoothAF.

Siddha is an IITB and IIMB graduate with 7+ years of experience in Management and Technical consulting. In her previous role at Bain & Company, she plotted strategic roadmaps for growth and operational excellence for large companies across Retail, Technology and Infrastructure. She is also passionate about dance, wholesome wellness, event management and finding creativity in little things. Here, Siddha Jain talks to TheGlitz about life mantras and survival tactics generously peppered with a zany sense of humour.

Over to Siddha Jain

Your journey has had many momentous milestones. Could you tell us about the life-changing milestones that have moulded you to be what you are today?

Being raised by a single mother [Survival 101]: It made me see how resilient and strong and independent women can be.

Entering into IIT [Into the wild]: Hugely humbling, realisation how insanely competitive smart and multifaceted people can be and how limitless one can be in thinking and actually bring them to fruition.

Building Bombae [Hustle 2.0: Thriving in Haseen dard]: Moving to a 0-1 journey startup in a new city from a very set and comfortable corporate setup in a management consulting firm What are the setbacks you have faced? How did you tackle these setbacks or challenges? And what lesson have you learned from it?

On hindsight, all setbacks feel like blessings in disguise because they have moulded me like fire moulds clay. But upbringing in extremely limited resources meant taking hard calls on needs vs wants, ruthlessly prioritising fewer but important things (like academics over extra currics) and knowing that one will have to work 10x as hard to improve their odds of success (as is true for any person/ org going against status quo/ challenging biggies).

When you look back, what are the three qualities in you that have helped you become what you are today?

Perseverance to punch above my weight, Crazy optimism, structured creativity!

Who are the people who have been the wind behind your wings?

My mother, the backbone of my strength

My tribe of fierce female friends who serve as both cheerleaders and truth-tellers, grounding me in reality while lifting me to new heights

Some amazing mentors-turned-friends who saw a spark in me and fanned it into flames of ambition

And my core team is actually the engine of everything I have ever been able to do!

Lastly, if there was a quote to define you, what would it be?

In all honesty, I really love the line in Marvelous Mrs Maisel before she goes on the stage “Tits up!” – basically how I approach every day/ most things in life 😅

Next best would potentially be “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” 💜

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