TheGlitzMegaStarMom Sarita Bazaz, Founder, The Food Affairs: “My journey as a mother has been less about magical moments and more about practical, realistic experiences.”

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TheGlitzMegaStarMom Sarita Bazaz is indeed an enterprising mompreneur. She is the Founder of The Food Affairs and was the first lady to enter the catering business which was male-dominated 30 years back. Her persistence towards work and passion for food revolutionized the catering industry and put her right at the top of the ladder in the business. She is a pioneer who brings alive flavours and innovations to weddings and events. From paying attention to the smallest of details, including sourcing the right produce to reinventing and recreating recipes to suit different palates, her perfection is invincible. As a mompreneur, Sarita Bazaz avers, “My journey as a mother has been less about magical moments and more about practical, realistic experiences.” Read on…

Sarita Bazaz with daughters

As a part of TheGlitzMegaStarMom initiative, could you tell us about the magical moments of your journey as a MegaStar Mom and what TheGlitzMega StarMom initiative means to you?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience as a MegaStar Mom through the GlitzMegaStarMom initiative. My journey as a mother has been less about magical moments and more about practical, realistic experiences. Looking back, I regret not being able to spend as much time with my children during their best years. However, now I try enhancing my efforts and making amends for the time lost.

Earlier, I was assured that my children were being taken care of while I pursued my career. While they have always been supportive and understanding of my demanding work nature, they have sacrificed a lot to let me get to where I am today. While my life in the public eye has been filled with accolades and applause, the reality behind the scenes is that I have had to make sacrifices in terms of time, energy, and effort with my children. This is where TheGlitzMegaStarMom initiative comes in, as it provides a platform to connect with other moms who face similar challenges, and share experiences and learn from one another.

The initiative is not just about inspiring and encouraging other moms to prioritize their children and families while pursuing their dreams but also about creating a support system where we can learn from each other’s experiences and grow together. As the first female entrepreneur in the catering industry, I know the importance of hard work and dedication. However, being a mom is equally important, and I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with other moms through this initiative and learn from their experiences.

Could you describe your experiences as a momfluencer/ mompreneur? Pick out three of fave moments with your children.

As a mompreneur, my journey has been remarkable, from facing questions about my ability to work as a woman at the young age of 13 to establishing my name as a trusted and high-quality brand today. One of my favorite moments as a mother has been seeing my daughters become successful entrepreneurs in their own domains, choosing to prioritize their children and family over demanding work hours. While we may not have many extravagant memories, we have always shared a bond of inspiration and a strong work ethic, leading to our independently attained success today. Looking back, I am grateful for the sacrifices made by my family, especially my daughters, who have been my unwavering pillars of support and have even travelled with me to events within the state or country. Their understanding of me as both a professional and a loving mother has been invaluable, and I cherish these moments with them.

Tell us about three challenges and rewards of running a successful business or being an influencer while being a mother.

Running a successful business or being an influencer while being a mother is a challenging yet rewarding experience. One of the biggest challenges that I face is not being able to spend as much time with my children as I would like to. However, the fact that my passion is also my profession is a blessing in disguise, as it keeps me engaged and focused on work without feeling the need for separate recreational activities. The rewards of being a mompreneur are countless, from the satisfaction of seeing your hard work and dedication translate into a successful business to the pride of being a role model for your children. For me, being a mother is all about creating a life that is full of passion, hard work, and joy, and passing on these values to my children.

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