TheGlitzMegaSuperMom Rukhsana Aziz, Personal Development coach: “I have experienced countless magical moments in my journey as a MegaStar Mom.”

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TheGlitzMegaSuperMom Rukhsana Aziz is a 60-year-old wonder mompreneur. She is passionate about empowering women in their midlife, be it homemakers, mid-career professionals, or those experiencing an empty nest. She believes that no one should feel isolated and that there are ways for them to regain control and thrive. As a mompreneur, Rukhsana says, “My entrepreneurship program enables women to optimise their talents and passions, and to live with purpose. The Find Your Flow and Pathway of Purpose training helps them evolve, unlock their true potential, and transition from various life stages, such as: Corporate to Entrepreneurship, Creative professionals monetizing passion projects, Retirement to seeking new, fulfilling opportunities, Homemaker to entrepreneur, pursuing passion and purpose. It’s a Career Reinvention coaching platform, specifically tailored for women seeking midlife career reinvention.” Read on…

Rukhsana Aziz

As a part of TheGlitzMegaStarMom initiative, could you tell us about the magical moments of your journey as a MegaStar Mom and what TheGlitzMega StarMom initiative means to you?

I have experienced countless magical moments in my journey as a MegaStar Mom. This initiative means the world to me, as it highlights the strength, resilience, and passion of extraordinary mothers who successfully balance career and family life.

Could you describe your experiences as a momfluencer/ mompreneur? Pick out three of fave moments with your children.
As a momfluencer/mompreneur, my top three favourite moments with my children: (They are adults now).

  • Watching their eyes light up as they achieve their milestones.
  • Sharing precious moments of laughter and learning together.
  • Witnessing their growth and development, knowing I have played a vital role in shaping their lives.

Tell us about three challenges and rewards of running a successful business or being an influencer while being a mother.

Balancing a successful business or being an influencer while being a mother comes with its challenges and rewards. My top three challenges are:

  • Time management and prioritising work and family life.
  • Overcoming the challenge of setting boundaries between work and family time, ensuring a healthy balance for everyone involved.
  • Navigating the balance between maintaining personal privacy and sharing our journey with the world.

And the top three rewards are:

  • The satisfaction of being a role model for my children and other women.
  • The joy of achieving success in both my career and as a mom.
  • The incredible support and camaraderie from my family.
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