WhatAir: Purified Air in Liquid Form

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WhatAir Mineral Water

Prepare to elevate your hydration experience to new heights of purity and refreshment with the introduction of WhatAir by Simpli Namdhari’s. This remarkable new bottled water brand delivers the pinnacle of nature’s most precious resource, generated directly from the air around us using pioneering, cutting-edge technology.

By extracting atmospheric water vapour from the ambient air, WhatAir provides crisp, clean water in drinkable form. The result is an unparalleled ultra-premium water experience that quenches your thirst while delivering customised mineral replenishment for enhanced hydration, health, and vitality. With a standard mineral balance adapted for individual needs, WhatAir provides hydration optimised by nature and refined by science.

But WhatAir is more than simply hydration. It’s a sustainable solution for the future, offering consumers a refreshing and eco-friendly alternative with a low environmental footprint. This unveiling is an important milestone, especially given the water scarcity challenges afflicting Bengaluru and other places throughout the country.

TheGlitz meets with Hema L., Head of Marketing at Simpli Namdharis, India’s 100% vegetarian omni-channel retailer, on the launch of WhatAir mineral water, which offers a refreshing and eco-friendly alternative to regular bottled water.

Hema L., Head of Marketing, Simpli Namdhari's at WhatAir launch
Hema L., Head of Marketing, Simpli Namdhari’s at WhatAir launch

Simpli Namdhari’s, the most trusted and reputed brand, has expanded into mineral water. Tell us more.

The Bottled Water market in India is projected to grow by 7.46% (2024-2028) resulting in a market volume of US$8.4bn in 2028. I’m excited to announce our expansion into the mineral water market, catering to the growing demand for premium hydration solutions. With India ranking among the top 10 consumers of bottled water globally, our entry into this market aligns perfectly with consumer preferences and market trends. The projected growth of the Bottled Water market in India further reinforces our confidence in the potential of this venture. We are committed to offering the highest quality mineral water, providing our customers with a trusted and reliable hydration option they can count on.

Can you elaborate on the brand name, “WhatAir?”

The brand name “WhatAir” embodies our innovative approach to addressing the water crisis by transforming air into water using patented technology. It cleverly combines the elements of air and water, reflecting the essence of our product. “WhatAir” signifies not just the process of creating water from air, but also prompts curiosity and reflection on the possibilities of leveraging natural resources in unconventional ways. It encapsulates our commitment to sustainability and innovation, making it a fitting representation of our brand’s ethos and mission.

What do you see as “WhatAir’s” unique selling propositions (USPs) compared to other brands within a competitive market?

WhatAir stands out with its revolutionary concept of transforming air into water through cutting-edge patented technology. As the exclusive retailer in Bangalore offering this groundbreaking product from our own private label, we’ve witnessed an enthusiastic response from our target audience, evident in the advance bookings during the concept launch. Unlike traditional brands, WhatAir represents innovation and sustainability, addressing pressing environmental concerns while delivering exceptional quality. Our unique proposition lies in our ability to provide consumers with a product that not only meets their hydration needs but also aligns with their values of embracing innovation and environmental responsibility.

We believe that innovation is the key to finding sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. With the launch of ‘WhatAir’ mineral water, we are proud to contribute to water conservation efforts and provide consumers with a product that not only meets their hydration needs but also supports environmental sustainability.

Hema L., Head of Marketing, Simpli Namdhari’s

What brand story or narrative do you want to convey through your brand messaging, packaging design, and marketing efforts?

At Simpli Namdhari’s, our brand narrative of “Choose Goodness” revolves around innovation, sustainability, and health. Through our messaging, packaging design, and marketing efforts, we aim to convey the story of WhatAir, our revolutionary product crafted from air using cutting-edge technology. We emphasize the innovation behind creating water from air while educating customers about the significant water conservation impact of each bottle. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our choice of 100% recyclable glass bottles, contributing to the reduction of single-use plastics. Additionally, we highlight the health benefits of WhatAir, containing copper and zinc to boost immunity, gut, and heart health.

How’re you addressing sustainability concerns related to plastic bottle waste in today’s environmentally conscious market?

We’re tackling sustainability concerns head-on by offering our innovative “WhatAir” mineral water in 100% recyclable glass bottles. By eschewing single-use plastic, we’re making a significant impact in reducing plastic waste that pollutes our water bodies. Our commitment to environmentally conscious packaging aligns with the values of today’s discerning consumers, who prioritize sustainability in their purchasing decisions. Through this initiative, we’re not only providing a premium product but also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for our planet.

What challenges do you anticipate facing as a new entrant into the mineral water market, and how do you plan to overcome them?

As a new entrant into the mineral water market, our primary challenges lie in establishing credibility behind our innovative product and convincing customers that it’s more than just a marketing gimmick. Secondly, we anticipate resistance to paying a premium for mineral water when cheaper alternatives exist. To overcome these challenges, we’ll focus on transparent communication about the technology behind our product, emphasizing its benefits, and showcasing its value proposition compared to traditional options. Additionally, we’ll implement strategic pricing and promotional strategies to demonstrate the superior quality and unique selling points of our mineral water, ensuring customers see it as a worthwhile investment.

Will WhatAir mineral water be available in all or some markets in India?

We’re piloting the launch of WhatAir mineral water in Bangalore initially. The success of this pilot will guide our expansion strategy. Our aim is to introduce this innovative product to as many potential markets as possible across India and other emerging markets. We’re committed to bringing WhatAir to regions where there’s a demand for sustainable solutions to pressing issues like the water crisis. Stay tuned for updates on our expansion plans as we strive to make WhatAir accessible to more consumers nationwide.

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