Zeenat Aman sashays for Shahin Mannan at the Lakmé Fashion Week

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Shahin Mannan’s timeless and powerful collection made a stylish impact at Lakmé Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI with showstopper Zeenat Aman at her best. The collection called “Circle” offered infinite fashion directions that will gladden the hearts of both male and female fashion followers who long for innovative looks. The inspiration was all about harmony and unity with the circle, which appeared on garments that signified infinite possibilities and endless creativity. TheGlitz brings you more…

Shahin Mannan design
A Model walks the ramp for Fashion Designer Shahin Mannan during Lakmé Fashion Week 2023 Photo : Perfect Shadows / FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week / RISE Worldwide

Since the launch of the brand in 2015, Shahin Mannan has been capturing the world’s fashion imagination with her avant-garde aesthetic. Basic colours, precision tailoring, and freedom of expression are the hallmarks of her collection. Her designs tell stories of everyday life in an extraordinary creative flair, they are cutting edge but classic – pushing the limits of what we expect from fashion yet rooted in the understated elegance of the traditional.

Experiments in fashion have been part of Shahin’s design repertoire for different seasons so, for the coming months, her looks stayed on the path of the inspiration that revolved around the circle in an adventurous manner.

The silhouettes moved in unison on the stylish path of the theme when oversized shapes along with circular and experimental designs added variety to the collection. The base of the apparel revolved around fabrics, textures and colours that were cleverly incorporated into the garments.

A Model walks the ramp for Designer Shahin Mannan during Lakmé Fashion Week 2023 at Jio gardens in Mumbai, India on 11th March 2023. Photo : Perfect Shadows / FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week / RISE Worldwide

Shahin’s fabric card started with denim and ended with Japanese crepe, while the colours stayed on the monochromatic path with special emphasis on bright red and blue along with rust, black, grey,

Quirky prints and embellishments, some with trailing threads, for both men’s and women’s wear, gave the garments an impactful look. Prints of tiny and big houses, tubes, circles, the Eiffel Tower and measuring tapes added to the fun factor of the look.

Shahin conceived an amazing line of women’s and men’s wear then moved onto asymmetric tops that were highlighted with layered shapes. Women’s wear included floor-length coats with giant lapels, while a slim, sheath dress pointed to formal wear. A black denim set came alive with contrast white stitching and words like WHOA, YEAH, and WOW OH boldly displayed and was definitely an attention-getter!

Men’s wear suits had longer jackets, with placement prints, while the co-ord sets were comfy, oversized and relaxed. The addition of bright-coloured shirts added a festive touch to the collection.

The evergreen and very elegant Bollywood star, Zeenat Aman made a graceful showstopper when she glided in a black shirt and pant duo topped with a slit, long-sleeved black jacket with quirky red house motifs.

The “Circle” collection for women’s and men’s wear by Shahin Mannan was all about fashion geometry that was turned into great style statements that buyers will want to add to their wardrobes.

Shahin Mannan added, “It’s always amazing to be here at Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI. We were thrilled to present our latest collection inspired by the circle, a symbol of infinite possibilities and endless creativity. Our designs feature circular motifs and patterns that evoke a sense of movement, rhythm, and harmony. With each piece, we aimed to capture the beauty and versatility of the circle and translate it into a bold and contemporary fashion statement. Zeenat Aman ji was simply spectacular as our show stopper, she stole the show.”

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