9 Moments From Brooklyn Nine-Nine That Will Make You Binge The Show Again

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The first Halloween Heist

In Season 1 of the series, the first-ever Halloween marks the beginning of a yearly competition between Jake and Holt. Jake attempts to take Holt’s Medal of Valour from his office before midnight while Holt is adamant and tries to hide the medal in various places. There is a constant back and forth between the two and it only gets interesting as they have both challenged each other. To know who wins this challenge, watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine only on Comedy Central.

An In-depth Interview

Jake sets on an all-night-long interrogation with Phillip Davidson in the murder case of his business partner. Holt decides to skip his date with his husband to join this interrogation with Jake. Getting a confession out of Phillip Davidson seems tough as both Jake and Holt clash over their ideas to get the suspect to talk.

Jake Finally Stands Up To His Father

Jake’s father Roger Peralta has always been an absent parent who infrequently reappears in his life. In one of the episodes, Roger Peralta comes to town to spend some time with his son. Jake’s BFF Charles doesn’t seem to be happy about it and is skeptical of Roger’s intentions. It’s after a while that Jake realizes his father’s cruel intentions of coming back into his life and stands up to him. Holt feels extremely proud of Jake and his courageous move.

A Romantic Halloween!

The Halloween Heist in Season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a special one as Jake plans a surprise proposal for Amy amidst the heist. This heist is declared open to everyone with the aim to steal a cummerbund. The chaos and the excitement of the heist take a romantic turn as Amy discovers the cummerbund reads the inscription ‘Amy Santiago will you marry me?’ on it. It’s one of the most cherished moments of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that you must not miss out on.

A Happy Party That Turned Dull!

In Season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, both Jake and Amy are seen having fun at their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. But Amy’s bachelorette party soon takes a different turn as a revelation about one of Amy’s past relationships is made to her friend’s group. Find out what this revelation is all about and how Jake celebrates his bachelor party with his friends only on the episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8.

The Wedding We Were All Waiting For!

After a very long wait, Jake and Amy are finally going to get married but their wedding is majorly threatened. Charles along with the entire squad jump in to help them out in any way they can. Despite all the chaos, the squad manages to get things right, arrange for a robot, and even get an old acquaintance to play the ‘guitar’ for the ceremony!

A Mole In The Precinct

Jake and Holt come to know about a spy in Holt’s office who is sent by Commissioner Kelly. The duo finds out that the spy is none other than Holt’s assistant. With a nicely curated plan, both decide to use the assistant as a spy on Kelly himself.

A New Detective

An explosion in the precinct creates chaos among the squad. Jake finds out that some of the important evidence from his desk was destroyed in the explosion. To find out who caused the explosion, Holt calls in Frank Dillman, a new detective to solve the case. Jake tries to solve the case by himself and figures out who the man behind the explosion is. This interesting episode will blow your mind away with the interesting turn of events it takes along the way.

The Final Heist

Jake and other officers gather to have fun at their last Halloween heist. The squad decides to forget all previous heist winners and to count the new winner to be crowned as ‘The Grand Champion of the Nine-Nine’. Meanwhile, Jake and Amy take this as an opportunity to make an important announcement. This heist is covered in two episodes, but as you can binge the entire season on Comedy Central, there won’t be any cliffhangers!

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