Celebrate Poila Boishakh with a Traditional Bengali Feast in Bengaluru

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Poila Boishakh is ’round the corner. Time to celebrate the Bengali New Year with some delectable mouth-watering food – traditional and modern. This time, we’ve chosen Bengaluru… let’s see what this uber-cool food haven has to offer for Poila Boishakh.

Esplanade, Bengaluru

Celebrate the first day of the Bengali calendar at Esplanade and experience the true flavors of traditional Bengali cuisine. To start, refresh yourself with the Aampora shorbot or tangy Gandhoraj ghol. Next, savor the flavorful mains, which include the Pabda jhal, Mutton dakbungalow, Kanchalanka dhonepata murg, Echorer kofta curry, and Aloo karaishutir dum, being just a few names from our big spread.

No meal is complete without dessert, so indulge in the sweet and creamy Malai chumchum, the indulgent Baked bonde, classic Chhanar jilipi and everyone’s favourite Mishti doi. And to end your meal on a traditional note, enjoy a Bengali-style paan.

When : 15th & 16th April

Price : 1999/- Inclusive of Tax

Where : Esplanade, Indira Nagar II Stage, Bangalore

Twist In The Tale


With Bangalore being home to many Bengalis, it is no surprise that the Bengali new year (Poila Baisakh) is now a part of the festival calendar for many hotels and restaurants Celebrated on the same day as Vishu, the Tamil new year and the Punjabi new year, this is a day when food takes center stage.

Crispy Fried Crab Wonton

With a strong connection to Chinese culture, the Bengalis’ love for a plate of good Chinese food is known across the country. And that is why Chowman has curated a special set menu to celebrate the beginning of the Bengali calendar with dishes such as Prawns in mustard sauce, Kolkata style chilli Chicken, Lobster in a sauce of your choice, fried Squid in chilli sauce, rice with Asian greens, Chilli garlic noodles, to name just the highlights.

Lobster in Sauce

It’s the perfect choice whether you are inviting friends over or planning to go out with family for a good meal!

Shanghai Meifoon Veg
Mountain Chilli Crab

Available for Dine in (All Outlets) & Home Delivery (Chowman App | Swiggy| Zomato)

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