Celebrate World Chocolate Day with these 13 decadent delights!

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World Chocolate Day, Bayroute

World Chocolate Day is all about satisfying your inner Willy Wonka! And now… Mumbai’s transforming into a chocolate wonderland. From hidden speakeasies with secret chocolate concoctions to cloud kitchens whipping up crazy delicious desserts, TheGlitz presents the divine route to pure chocolatey bliss. So grab your spoon, and let’s dive into this tasty adventure!

World Chocolate Day Special

Don’t miss Bayroute’s luxurious take on World Chocolate Day! Dive into the “Forest of Shukulata,” featuring rich chocolate textures like date mousse and mud cake, alongside playful touches like honey-glazed wildflowers and raspberry gel. For a classic twist, the Chocolate Fondant oozes molten chocolate, or go all out with the Gold Souk’s luxurious mix of malai milk, rose vermicelli, and a ruby chocolate lotus flower adorned with edible gold.


For World Chocolate Day, Amazonia transforms into a haven for chocoholics! Dive into a decadent Dulce de Leche treat, featuring a luxurious blend of caramel and chocolate made with sweetened condensed milk. This delightful creation is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and make your World Chocolate Day unforgettable.

The Pantry – Guilt-Free Goodness:
World Chocolate Day doesn’t have to be a sugar overload. The Pantry’s Guilt-Free Goodness cloud kitchen lets you celebrate with their No-Bake Chocolate Coconut Date Balls. These bite-sized treats are packed with the rich flavour of cocoa, alongside the natural sweetness of dates and the healthy fats of nuts. They’re completely dairy-free and high in energy, making them the perfect guilt-free way to indulge on World Chocolate Day

Forget speakeasies with just fancy cocktails! Charlee, the hidden gem, throws down the gauntlet with their insanely delicious chocolate creations. Dive into the luxurious “Hangover Chocolate,” a decadent blend of chocolate creme cheese, poached cherries, and cherry ice cream, finished with a touch of elegance by the cocoa feuille. Feeling nutty? The “Humpty Dumpty” offers a playful punch with smooth hazelnut mousse, crunchy praline, and dark chocolate sorbet for a delightful textural adventure.

The Nines:
Take your taste buds on a trip around the world at The Nines in Juhu! Their “Chocolate & Raspberry” is a symphony of textures and flavours, featuring a light coconut base layered with rich dark chocolate mousse, tart raspberries, raspberry sorbet, and white chocolate snow. Craving something a little more familiar? The “Belgian Chocolate Cake” boasts a dense dark chocolate base with almonds and a touch of sea salt, served with ice cream for a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

The Blue Bop Cafe:

World Chocolate Day

The Blue Bop Cafe in Khar is your one-stop shop for European-inspired chocolatey goodness. Dive into the rich and decadent Belgian chocolate babka, a twisted pastry bursting with layers of chocolatey dough. Feeling lighter? The Chocolate Supreme Croissant is a delightful choice, filled with a luxurious chocolate spread. Need something to delight your senses? The Belgian chocolate buttercream cake is a must-try with its sweet and creamy texture of buttercream and the rich intense flavour of the Belgian chocolate, perfect for treating yourself after a tiring day. Bonus: they cater to all palates, offering both classic Belgian chocolate and a vegan sugar-free chocolate gelato option!

Si Nonna’s:

Sometimes, simple is simply the best. Si Nonna’s hits the spot with their warm, golden Hazelnut & Chocolate Dough Balls. These fried dough morsels are the perfect comfort food, begging to be dunked into their rich hazelnut chocolate sauce. It’s a delightful combination of textures and flavours, offering the perfect way to end your meal on a sweet note.

La Mar:
Indulge in pure sophistication this World Chocolate Day at La Mar. Their Chocolate & Hazelnut creation is a masterpiece for any chocolate lover. A decadent dark chocolate hazelnut torte – a rich and dense base that melts in your mouth. This luxurious foundation is then elevated with a layer of smooth milk chocolate, adding a touch of creamy sweetness. The crowning glory? A delightful hazelnut praline, offering a delightful textural contrast and an extra burst of nutty flavour. La Mar’s Chocolate & Hazelnut is a guaranteed showstopper, perfect for celebrating World Chocolate Day in style.

Sante Spa:

Health and chocolate? Yes, please! Sante Spa proves you can have your cake and eat it too with their Forest of Chocolate Truffles. These delectable treats come in a variety of dark, white, and milk chocolate options, all boasting exotic flavours and made entirely gluten-free. It’s the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying on track with your healthy lifestyle goals.


Baliboo keeps things simple yet undeniably delicious with their Matilda Chocolate Cake. This crowd-pleasing dessert promises a return to classic chocolate indulgence. Layers of moist chocolate cake, topped with a rich and creamy frosting, for a truly satisfying end to your meal. Whether you’re a chocoholic or just appreciate a timeless treat, the Matilda Chocolate Cake at Baliboo is sure to hit the spot.

Forget the boring old sweets, this World Chocolate Day, your favourite Gaylord bakery calls your name. They’ve got a lineup of delicious treats that would make Willy Wonka jealous. Indulge in the classic Chocochip cupcakes for the nostalgic soul, hazelnut chocolate croissants for a touch of sophistication, chocolate danishes for a flaky, buttery bite, and even classic chocolate eclair – pure chocolate indulgence! This is your chance to ditch the diet and celebrate all things cocoa at Gaylord.

Pa Pa Ya:

How about dessert with a touch of drama? Head to Pa Pa Ya and witness their Chocolate Ball on Fire! This decadent sphere is set ablaze before your eyes, revealing a melty chocolate centre. Craving something a little less fiery? Try the smooth and creamy Dulce de Leche, featuring a delightful combination of caramel chocolate and sweetened condensed milk.

Koa caters to both adventurous and classic chocolate lovers. Dare to try their Death by Chocolate, a decadent Belgian chocolate mousse that explodes with flavour and might just be the most chocolatey experience you’ve ever had. If you prefer something familiar, their Banana Entremet is a delightful choice. This dessert features layers of caramelised banana and custard, all enveloped in a rich chocolate glaze, offering a comforting and timeless flavour combination.

So there you have it, chocoholics! Mumbai’s finest chocolate creations await, ready to take you on a joyous adventure. Now get out there, explore, and celebrate the glorious world of chocolate!

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