Diesel partners with King to unveil its exclusive range of Vert watches designed in virtual reality

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Indeed, all roads led to Jio World Drive in Mumbai. Why, you may ask? Well, it’s because top-notch fashion and lifestyle brand Diesel brought together the exhilarating worlds of horology and hip-hop at a thrilling launch event for their new collection of timepieces.

Held at Mumbai’s Jio World Drive, the launch was at the amazing Museum of Bollywood Posters – an awesome hub that had rare and timeless posters of old films on the walls… a collector’s collection! As for the launch, it was truly marvelous. The vibe at the launch was truly one of excitement which reached its peak as the music rose to a crescendo and India’s leading singer and pop star King unveiled Diesel‘s Vert Collection alongside the Managing Director of Fossil Group – India, Mr. Johnson Verghese. Sumita Chakraborty, Editor-in-chief, TheGlitz who was present at this exclusive luxe launch, reports.

Diesel Vert born Virtually – shaped by you

So what is the Vert Collection?

A first-of-its-kind range of timepieces by Diesel, the Vert Collection has been crafted using a new wave of VR technology that bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds. The exclusive event was a glamorous affair, attended by a number of prominent influencers and leading press outlets, reaffirming Diesel’s status as a trendsetter in the industry.

The launch event itself was a spectacle of design and technology, featuring a captivating launch film and a showcase of the Vert Collection in all its glory. The brand further set up a striking 3D visual display of the Vert Collection within the mall, for attendees to admire up close. Diesel chose to partner with King, one of India’s most popular pop stars, to celebrate the futuristic aesthetic and transformative design of the Vert Collection and bring this fusion of elements to the public.

Mr. Verghese began the evening by sharing the story and design journey behind the eagerly awaited Vert Collection; before being joined by King to present the launch movie that gave the public their first-ever look at the Vert Collection. This was followed by a press conference and an in-person unboxing and reveal of the Vert range of watches.

India’s leading singer and pop star King who unveiled Diesel’s Vert Collection alongside the Managing Director of Fossil Group India

Innovative & Incredible

“The Vert Collection is a testament to Diesel’s commitment to innovation at the most fundamental level. Our timepieces are an expression of individuality, and the creative process behind the Vert Collection aims to let wearers make a unique statement about their personal style. A first-of-its-kind VR technology was employed to create an immersive aesthetic inspired by Diesel Creative Director, Glenn Martens, for this collection, giving it a futuristic look that still seamlessly complements the ensemble of the modern man.”

– Mr Johnson Verghese

– Mr. Johnson Verghese, Managing Director, Fossil Group – India

“I’ve always believed that style is a powerful form of self-expression, just like music. The Diesel Vert Collection is a series that showcases a new level of craftsmanship with its VR design technology. The daring and futuristic look of this collection is something I relate to and appreciate on a personal level, with their gutsy and unapologetic design. The Vert Collection perfectly complements my style, and I’m proud to partner with Diesel to bring their new design approach to the world.”

Vert Watches

The new Vert watch bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds and is a first-of-its-kind for Diesel. It’s one of several styles from the new forward-thinking Metamorph collection that’s entirely conceptualized and created from a technologically immersive virtual reality experience with a game-like approach. Here, the flexibility of dreaming of a modern approach to design looks like armor unfolding on the wrist, a disruptive, hard-shelled appearance that’s mutually organic and futuristic. The entire composition is crafted using a new wave of VR technology where virtually everything looks “organically” different.

With a case size of 44 mm, the watches are available in three color options – black, gold and silver, and they come with a stainless steel strap bracelet and three-hand date movement. There’s also a limited edition exclusive (DZ2183)—only 700 units available worldwide—and it features contrasting leather black inlay accents along this dynamic design’s inner core and clips. The range begins at INR 27,995.

Virtual Multi-layered Gaming

Alongside the collection launch, Diesel invites both Vert holders and all fans globally to experience an immersive, multi-layered, game-like experience—Metamorph. Developed in partnership with the visionary media-tech artists from Artificial Rome, the project further strengthens Diesel’s position as a Web3 pioneer and expert in connecting creativity with culture. The Metamorph virtual world is shaped by Vert design details with breathtaking scenery and a sprawling environment where visitors will move through various challenges with their A:VERT:AR (avatar) to reactivate time in a fictional land where time has stopped. The experience culminates in a virtual concert celebration with artist Lil Dre at the completion of the quests.

Available At

The Vert Collection is now available at Diesel boutiques and select online and offline retailers.

About Diesel

Diesel is an innovative international lifestyle company, founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978. Rooted in denim mastery and evolved into being a leader in premium fashion, Diesel is now a true alternative to the established luxury market. The brand’s collections include apparel, accessories and a wide range of lifestyle collaborations: from fragrances, watches and jewelry, to interior design and real estate projects with Diesel Living. Discovering, supporting, and fostering creativity is part of Diesel DNA and of its parenting company OTB, the international fashion and luxury group powering a variety of global iconic brands and companies.

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