Scoop: Have Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora Split Up Because Of Kusha Kapila?

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Have Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora broken up? Is it because of Youtuber Kusha Kapila? Sumita Chakraborty, Editor-in-chief, TheGlitz, delves into the crux of the matter to find out what exactly is ticking..

They say many moons ago a rather chubby Arjun Kapoor who was dating Salman Khan’s li’l sister Arpita took one look at Arbaaz Khan’s sexy missus Malaika, who incidentally was almost 13 years older than him and fell head-over-heels in love with her. The entire Khan Khandaan knew about Arjun’s obsession with Malaika from then on – in fact, they would tease him about it thinking it was a young boy’s infatuation for an older woman. But it didn’t stop there. The determined young boy got rid of his teenage chubbiness and at his mentor Salman Khan’s insistence, joined a gym and got himself a svelte body.

Arjun in this journey from fat to fit broke up with Arpita but his bond with the Khan brothers remained the same. Until…

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora

Over the years, Arjun found himself drawn to Malaika and Malaika too reciprocated finding his feelings genuine. She herself was in a volatile marriage with Arbaaz Khan who by the way was her first love. But she couldn’t cope with his anger issues and at that time, had confessed that at times, Arbaaz’s temper would terrify her. But Malaika came out of the marriage and not very long after, confessed her feelings for Arjun.

Though Sohail and Salman tried to talk to Arjun and get him out of this ‘love’ connection with the Indian Mrs Robinson Malaika but to no avail. It was a love made in heaven and both Arjun and Malaika were ready to give up the world for it. The couple bravely weathered the nasty memes, ugly trolls and even the wrath of the Khan brothers together.

In fact, at an event, Salman pointedly ignored Arjun and though Arjun turned pale at the visible snub, he was determined to be with Malaika. In fact, wherever Malaika went, Arjun was there with her. They were in love and they didn’t care that they had age, Khan brothers and so many other factors working against them. They were serious about each other. In fact, Arjun even spoke to his conservative grandmother and his family and asked them to give their approval to his relationship. They did albeit reluctantly.

True love always wins, right? And everything seemed to go great guns from then on… in fact, there were even rumours that they would be tying the knot soon. But perhaps destiny insisted on tossing a spanner to their well-laid plans. In came Bollywood’s official Cupid KJo who by the way is a good friend of both Arjun and Malaika.

Anyway, Karan Johar sensing that something was allegedly off between the couple, called Arjun for a party and got him introduced to YouTube influencer, the gorgeous Kusha Kapila who after just a year of marriage and a baby with husband Zorawar, called it quits and has opted for a divorce. Arjun and Kusha supposedly hit it off instantly. Arjun’s friends approved especially Varun Dhawan who by the way insisted that Kusha was a doppelganger of his wife Natasha.

In the meantime, things looked a bit strained between Malaika and Arjun and suddenly the grapevine was replete with tales that the two had broken up. Arjun added fuel to these stories by posting pictures of his solo holiday. Malaika too supposedly unfriended Ajun’s entire family on Instagram and that really got the fat spitting in the sizzling fire. But just when the media was ready to make their relationship a headline and announce their splitsville, Arjun and Malaika were spotted having lunch together. So was this much ado about nothing or was it something more serious?

Arjun Kapoor, Malaika Arora, Janhvi & Khushi Kapoor and Kusha Kapila

Well, according to a source close to TheGlitz, Arjun and Malaika allegedly have broken up. But being the mature person she is, Malaika has decided to keep it as amiable as possible though she has been posting cryptic messages hinting at their separation. Kusha has denied dating Arjun and so that rumour got stubbed. Or did it?

As of now, all we know is Arjun and Malaika do not hang out together anymore. Maybe they are busy or perhaps there’s more ‘Kusha’ to this equation than they care to tell. Well, watch this space for more…

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