FORUM REX WALK Bengaluru: A World On Your Plate

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Forum Rex Walk Bengaluru

Forum Rex Walk by Prestige Group is a shopping, dining, and entertainment hotspot standing tall along Brigade Road, one of the most happening streets in Bengaluru. Not unlike those huge malls that you’ve come to know, Forum Rex Walk breathes in a welcome change from the usual huge malls that you see around. Developed on the property where old-timers fondly remember the street for the landmark Nilgiris Supermarket and Rex Theatre, Forum Rex Walk is offering a similar experience, albeit in a far superior way.

Walk through the cobblestone paths to recreate the experience of walking along famous streets around the world. The space recreated has continued to live in people’s hearts for over 80 years with bold architecture, a unique concept, and open spaces in the heart of the city that are making history all over again.

Join us as we explore the wide spectrum of activities, including culinary delights and entertainment alternatives that elevate this place to a pinnacle in this Garden City’s retail realm. Forum Rex Walk has something for everyone, whether you’re a foodie or just looking for a good time shopping. Let’s immerse ourselves in the rich tapestry of Bengaluru’s best cuisine and entertainment destinations!



OnePlus Exclusive Experience Centre at Forum Rex Walk
OnePlus Exclusive Experience Centre at Forum Rex Walk

OnePlus Boulevard, the most ambitious retail project by OnePlus, marks the brand’s largest retail outlet in the South. Spanning 39,000 sq ft, the facility is spread over two floors that have been turned into one roof, completely in step with the company’s futuristic architecture.

Customers visiting the OnePlus Boulevard can anticipate exciting new features such as OnePlus’ Genius services, which include a VIP lounge, dedicated and personalised tech support, a sit-out area with a signature coffee experience zone, a community zone, a gaming lounge, and an auditorium for events, unboxings, and new launches.




Forum Rex Walk’s iconic status is enhanced by the inclusion of the largest ever viewing experience with the ultra-luxury 5-screen PVR Director’s Cut, giving the ultimate cinema experience.

PVR Director's Cut screening hall at Forum Rex Walk
PVR Director’s Cut screening hall at Forum Rex Walk

PVR Director's Cut: A true hotspot for movie buffs
PVR Director’s Cut: A true hotspot for movie buffs

The PVR Director’s Cut is an excellent alternative if you want to avoid crowds and spend quality time with your significant someone. Its on-premise aspects are also a benefit because you have dining and retail alternatives within reach.



Forum Rex Walk has 11 thoughtfully curated new-age restaurants (the majority of them have made their debut in the South!). There’s always a treat with an eclectic mix of cuisines ranging from modern Indian, modern Eastern, pan-Asian, American, Mediterranean, regional Indian, and more spread across fine dining spaces, gastropubs, cocktail bars, bakeries, and cafes.


T’ART is a combination of creativity and passion for baking and now soulful food. T’ART aims to provide fresh and nourishing gastronomic experiences that is truly unique.

We dined on casual comfort fare like Plum Tomato, Melon & Burratta Salad, Farm House Special Pizza, Roast Chicken, Cheddar and Egg Bowl, and Pan Sauteed Prawns & Seasonal Vegetables – Rustic Way.


Top: Roast Chicken, Cheddar & Egg Bowl; Bottom: Plain Tomato, Melon and BURRATTA Salad at T'ART Cafe
Top: Roast Chicken, Cheddar & Egg Bowl; Bottom: Plain Tomato, Melon and BURRATTA Salad at T’ART Cafe

Top: Noodles with Balsamic Dressing; Bottom: Farm House special pizza
Top: Noodles with Balsamic Dressing; Bottom: Farm House special pizza

A visit to T’ART promises a special and indulgent experience with delicious food, fine wine, sangrias, and desserts. Make a stop at T’ART a must on your next visit to Forum Rex Walk.


Dishkeyaun represents Bollywood in true Eastman colour. With a firm belief that music, movies, cuisine, language, and other arts can transcend barriers and bring people together, this lounge slash restaurant welcomes guests into a mystical atmosphere featuring an iconic image of Bollywood’s golden couple, Raj Kapoor and his muse Nargis, standing romantically under the rain holding a single umbrella. Very filmi.

The décor is as appealing as the menu. The menu, I have to say, has some of the best multicuisine options available. Neither the vegetarian nor the meat options disappoint. We got a non-vegetarian platter for starters, which had chicken, mutton, and prawns. The masala was moderate and flavorful. We chose Guchhi Pulao, Chandni Chowk ke Makhni Dal, and Murg-be-Misaal as major courses to accompany the Rotis. The meat was marinated with enough punch and cooked in a gently sweet-spicy gravy. We followed Roland’s unprompted suggestion, which was a good compromise. Overall, vegetarians and carnivores can enjoy their respective food options.

Dishkeyaun redefines the taste of Indian delicacies while maintaining the zest of the spices rooted in the flavours. Some unsolicited advice from TheGlitz: Open a few more outlets and make everyone happy.

More Dining Options to Try at Forum Rex Walk


Burma Burma is an ode to the people and culture of Burma. Bringing robust flavours and intriguing dishes from the streets and homes of Burma to your table.


As pioneers who brought Café culture to the Capital, one cannot miss out on relishing a menu that is a culinary atlas full of toothsome, hearty and mouth-watering delicacies and an array of cuisines, flavours & variety all under one roof.


Dhaba gets a whole new mojo – or as they like to call it – SADDA SWAG. Dhaba estd 1986 is now in a new age avataar with a Theka for pauwa bottle cocktails and kitschy interiors with coloured chandeliers, vintage Bollywood posters, patila counters, truck art elements, an all enhanced with the masala of Bollywood music.


Foo, a Mumbai-based PanAsian restaurant offers over 100+ Asian dishes, all in tapas format so one can experience a fabulous variety of dishes ranging from sushi, dim sum, Nikkei Peruvian ceviche’s & salads, to pan Asian small & big plates come with a vibrant dining experience within the ‘Casual Dining’ space.


Bangalore’s first premium Korean restaurant serves real Korean barbecue right at your table. Serving the highest quality imported pork alongside a variety of Korean food and soju, Homiga is a space where you can experience the true Korean drinking culture.


Klava is the premium Baklava brand. A few dishes we recommend you try? Classic Pistachio Baklava, Pistachio Signature Baklava, Chocolate Pistachio Baklava, Cold Baklava (Soğuk Baklava) and Ozel Baklava are our top picks. What’s yours?


A global chain of authentic Japanese recipes directly brought from Japan managed with an executive Japanese chef specialising in Yakitori, Japanese grilled skewers.


The Nando’s story started centuries ago when the Portuguese explorers set sail for the East. The winds of Africa called them ashore and it was there that they were introduced to the African Bird’s Eye Chilli – more commonly known as PERi-PERi. After just one bite of the mouth-watering PERi-PERi marinated and basted chicken, you’ll know it’s a taste that has to be shared.


This is a place where the art of food and a sense of togetherness meld harmoniously, fashioning an extraordinary destination of unparalleled distinction.


Punjab Grill aims to celebrate the grand culinary traditions of undivided Punjab and provide patrons with an authentic experience of delicious Punjabi Cuisine. The uncompromising food quality at Punjab Grill is their legacy, and they aim to surpass their standards every time we serve you.


Sly Granny celebrates the life of a wicked, smart, wise, eccentric, polymath of a Granny. A polyamorous phenom with varied gastronomical interests, prohibition era cocktails and a bunch of well selected wines for urban dwellers and other creatures of the night. A place of rich ingredients, secret recipes, casual sophistication, generous pours and needless gossip.

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