Hair Botox And Everything You Need to Know Before Having It!

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Well, you’ve heard about Botox but it was mostly about the face. There’s a new beauty trend that has become the talk of the town and it is Hair Botox. Rachana Lakhani. VP Education and Strategic Business at Beauty Essentials Marketing India LLP tells TheGlitz that hair botox is a one-for-all solution that infuses essential nutrients and proteins into your hair. This treatment, according to Rachana Lakhani, can restore your hair’s natural shine, strength, and manageability, making it a lifeline for your hair.

Botox Power

Rachchana avers, “Hair Botox is a cosmetic treatment designed to enhance the overall health of hair, despite its name it doesn’t involve the use of botulinum toxin, commonly associated with traditional Botox treatments for wrinkles. Instead, it’s a deep conditioning treatment enriched with ingredients like vitamins, proteins, and, in some cases, hyaluronic acid.”

Adding, “When thinking of Botox, needles often come to mind. However, Hair Botox is a needle-free anti-aging hair treatment that rejuvenates damaged hair. This conditioning treatment shields your hair from winter elements, keeping it soft and easy to manage. Of the various treatments in the markets, the rage seems to be Copacabana Tanino Botox.

“Botox treatment is versatile and suitable for all hair types. Whether someone is seeking overall hair conditioning or dealing with specific concerns like dryness and damage, Hair Botox can be a valuable option. Even individuals with fine hair may appreciate the treatment, experiencing a visible increase in volume afterward. The key ingredients in Hair Botox, such as caviar oil, antioxidants, B5, vitamin E, and collagen complex, contribute to the nourishment and growth of the hair.”

The Hair Botox Process:

Step 1:

Hair Botox starts with a cleansing process where hair is cleansed thoroughly to eliminate dirt and product residue that could be accumulating on the scalp and strands. Cleansing helps to prepare the hair for the Botox which helps to open the cellular layer of the hair to let it absorb the treatment better, no conditioner is applied after the shampoo.

Step 2:

After drying hair, the product is left on the hair for at least 45-50 minutes, allowing the active ingredients to work. This waiting time is essential for the treatment to deliver optimal results from roots to ends.

Step 3:

After washing off the treatment with sulphate-free hair cleanser, heat may be applied to the hair using a heating tool to seal in the treatment. This additional step helps activate and enhance the treatment, promoting better absorption of the conditioning agents.

After completion of the treatment, you can see a transformation in the texture and appearance of your hair. This result includes smoother, shinier, and more manageable locks. Hair Botox stands out from other professional smoothing treatments like keratin or relaxers. Unlike treatments that require high heat for activation, potentially causing damage.

Essential tips to take care of your hair after a treatment:

Using sulphate and paraben-free shampoo and use of conditioner can help to keep dryness away. Most recommended by salons is QOD Max Prime & QOD Argan shampoo plus Conditioner/Masque for optimal aftercare. Do invest in it.

To stop dryness and restore any damage to your hair, use a hydrating hair mask once a week or every ten days. Cover the entire mask, from roots to tips. Make sure to shield your hair from the sun’s damaging rays. When going outside, cover your hair with a cap or a silk scarf.

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