Océglow products are sheer love… Effective and extremely beneficial. TheGlitz review…

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To be honest, we hadn’t heard of Océglow products but when they sent their products for a review, we were up for the challenge. TheGlitz always does an in-depth honest review and goes beyond the superficial. So we distributed the products within the team and took a seven-day challenge to find out how effective Océglow products are. TheGlitz verdict…

Océglow Water Cream

Océglow Water Cream: It comes in a soothing blue bottle edged on the top with gold -simple but elegant. The cream is not sticky or ‘chip-chip’ as most creams tend to be. We used this water cream for a week to see how effective it was.

TheGitz verdict: Well, it is indeed an ultimate water booster as Océglow claims. It gives a well-nourished hydrated, healthy look to the skin. It was used on oily as well as dry skin and the verdict was the same. Our skin looked well-hydrated. It also improved the skin elasticity and gave it a nice healthy glow. It maintained an optimal hydration level which helped to maintain the skin’s freshness, eliminated signs of fatigue and revived the skin giving it a nice, well-moisturised, dewy look.

Definitely, a double thumbs up!
Price: Rs 2800/-

Océglow’s Luminous Bright Eyes

Luminous Bright Eyes: One of our team members had pretty bad dark circles. She tried out the Océglow‘s Luminous Bright Eyes and found that her under-eye dark circles were much better and the difference was visible.

TheGlitz verdict: Océglow’s Luminous Bright Eyes is very effective as it reduces the appearance of dark circles, de-puffs and smoothens the delicate eye area. It also gave a luminous radiant look in the ‘under the eye’ area. The texture penetrates evenly to brighten the eyes and reduce the fatigue and fine lines to an extent and lighten the dark circles.
Price: 1050/-

Océglow’s Jelly Sleeping Mask

The Océglow Jelly Sleeping Mask: This is a much-needed product. Don’t believe us? Well, for us overworked souls who are ‘on the go’ all the time, this product is a boon. We tried it out and found that Océglow’s overnight face mask is indeed rejuvenating.

TheGlitz verdict: It is non-sticky and has a silky finish – for me, that is a huge plus as I have very oily skin. When used in the last step of my nighttime skin-care ritual, it felt cool, refreshing and soothing. That is because the HydroJelly in the product gives an instant cool and soothing effect all at once. This mask’s hydrating components like sodium hyaluronate are the perfect fix for anyone who wants glowing skin. From enhancing your skin’s barrier function to replenishing moisture, detoxifying, alleviating rashes and sunburn, cleansing, reducing inflammation, and exfoliating, the Sleeping Jelly Mask does everything!
Price: 2150/-

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