Happy Birthday Celina Jaitly! TheGlitz raises a toast to this incredible actor and her many achievements

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She’s indeed a revelation. A powerhouse of talent (in fact, we truly believe that the world has seen just the tip of her talent), a woman of substance and a firebrand champion of social causes… She’s the gorgeous Celina Jaitly. Incredibly talented actor, UN Equality Champion, amazing mom and wonder wife, Celina Jaitly is all this and more. In a candid chat with Sumita Chakraborty, Editor-in-chief, TheGlitz, Celina talks about her magical journey, her life and more. Over to Celina Jaitly!


Beauty queens: Celina Jaitly’s mom and her

Indian actress, UN Equality Champion, brand ambassador, humanitarian, activist and writer. Internationally recognized as a film and beauty icon, Celina Jaitly has also been the winner of the coveted title of Miss India and Miss Universe runner-up, PETA humanitarian award and honored by the government of Egypt for her support towards promoting culture and tourism as Egypt Tourism Ambassador.


Her acting career started with legendary director/actor Feroz Khan’s ‘Janasheen’ and from there on, Celina has acted in many films including super-hit comedy films like “No-Entry”, “Golmaal Returns”, “Apna Sapna Money Money” and many more. Incidentally, her comic timing is fab – producers are you listening?
Celina has also worked with MTV Asia in 2001 as a very popular and successful VJ before debuting in films. Celina has been the brand ambassador for many brands worldwide from “Proactiv” to “Ponds”. She has also been on the covers of many prestigious magazines.

At The UN

Championing A Cause

Her activism for LGBT equality in India attracted the attention and endorsement of the United Nations Human Rights Office, which in 2013 Made her an Equality Champion, Celina has supported the United Nations Free & Equal campaign to counter homophobia and transphobia and promote respect for rights of LGBT people everywhere. She was recently awarded the very prestigious Harvey Milk Foundation “Lilla Watsons award” for her decade-long work as a straight ally of the LGBTQI community.

On the personal front

Celina with husband Peter Haag

Celina is married to an Austrian hotelier Peter Haag and lives in Austria. She is a mother of two sets of naturally conceived twins.

She is also a passionate advocate for promoting awareness about battling depression (which she suffered from, following the loss of her parents and son last year).

Back with a bang!

Celina has just made a comeback with a critically acclaimed film SEASONS GREETINGS- A TRIBUTE TO RITUPORNO GHOSH by RamKamal Mukherjee. She ended up winning awards across prestigious film festivals around the world as well as the coveted FILMFARE ( Middle East)2022 “Best Actor in Short Film”, IWM Buzz 2021( India’s biggest web entertainment awards) best actress in a short film, and New York global film festival ( best actress) award 2021.

Celina, you are an amazing woman. An excellent actor, Miss World fourth runner-up, Miss India, UN Equality Champion, Humanitarian, traveller, influencer, awesome mom and wife… Your journey has been exemplary. Could you tell us about it?

I started as a model at the age of 14.5 and balanced academics and passion for modelling and performance arts side by side until I won Ms India and Ms Universe Runners up. Films happened after that and since then the innings have been wonderful. I have always prized my ability to be persistent through all the highs and lows of life and to me, my work as a humanitarian has also been of utmost importance. Being a human being who has positively impacted many lives was of utmost significance to my life journey I am so grateful God gave me a platform and unwavering strength and voice to do that. Today I look back and feel very proud of myself… I did it all by myself …. Only gratitude to the universe for the same.

What are the challenges you faced in this journey? How did you overcome them?

You know there is an old saying. There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs. There is no one in this world who has not faced challenges even the most beautiful and privileged Princess Diana had the most heartache to deal with. I have always been a very persistent girl. Even before my film career began at 19, I was a fashion model in an upcoming, very difficult and challenging Kolkata fashion industry. I was a model since the age of 14.5 and no matter what the circumstances I always lived by the principle If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk…. Don’t give up.

What are the three milestones in your journey that you are especially proud of?

By God’s grace, I am proud to say that all of my many achievements were earned solely thanks to my own hard work, dedication and persistence. I am proud of myself as an actor, a humanitarian and a woman. Today I can proudly say that I have created a legacy that is exemplary and many of my generations will have an example of it to live by.

If there was a quote to describe you what would it be?

“People will stare… make it worth their while!”

I know you personally so I know your amazing potential but people have just seen the tip of your abundant talent, could you tell us three things about yourself that people don’t know about you?

Thank you so much for all your support and belief in me. I feel it always. I speak many languages including German. I sing and my first single was for the United Nations Free & Equal campaign garnered millions of views on YouTube. Here’s an interesting fact that I got to know recently. My bloodline from my father’s side can be traced back to sage Brahmarishi Bhrigu.

What are your future endeavours?

I have 2 films and a web series lined up over the next two years. My mother always wanted me to sing which I only did once and very successfully so music is also on my agenda.

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