Indian Snack King Samosa Singh launches in Thane; TheGlitz checks out its delectable range of street delicacies

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It was indeed a wet, wet day in Thane, Maharastra. But that didn’t stop the Snack King Samosa Singh from deluging this amazing city with a downpour of delectable flavours… and guess what, those mouth-watering flavours of a plethora of samosas, kachoris, chaats and more are here to stay! For… Samosa Singh which was a cloud kitchen all these years has opened its first QSR outlet in Naupada, Thane (West). Sumita Chakraborty, Editor-in-chief, TheGlitz explores this delightful snacky place and finds that Samosa Singh is indeed the Indian snack king which serves truly ‘yummi’licious street food.

Samosa Singh

Honestly speaking, the intriguing name ‘Samosa Singh’ was the game-changer that made us venture out of our comfort nook and check out this place for ourselves. Cosy, cute and quirky, the cafe had catchy cartoons with hilarious taglines all over its cream and buttercup yellow walls, a standout ‘Samosa Singh’ logo with long, resplendent moustache and snacks that were truly a street food delight.

The Founders

Shikhar Veer Singh and Nidhi Singh

We met up with the founders Shikhar Veer Singh and Nidhi Singh who warmly welcomed us in to taste their lip-smacking snacks including amazing desserts. The couple is based in Bengaluru. So what made them start Samosa Singh in Thane, I asked?

Shikhar Veer Singh, Founder, Samosa Singh says, “Mumbai has always been a special market for Samosa Singh and we got a lot of love from this beautiful city so, opening our flagship store at Thane is special! This is an exciting new phase in making Samosa Singh a leader in fresh Indian snacking with our mouthwatering samosas, kachoris, and desserts.”

“Nothing beats the satisfying crunch, warmth, and flavour of India’s favourite snack–Samosas, and with our expansion in Mumbai–we are further strengthening the bond our country shares with food. Savour Samosa Singh’s delicious fresh samosas and snacks and experience the joys of Indian street foods,” says Nidhi Singh, Co-Founder Samosa Singh

Incidentally, Samosa Singh was founded by this scientific couple who gave it all to build a dream of taking the humble samosa worldwide. The brand aims to be one of the new-age start-ups to enter the food export domain around Indian traditional snacking.

Samosa Singh Thane outlet

About Samosa Singh:

Samosa Singh was born from a simple realization – in India, leisure time and snack foods are both inextricably linked to the country’s cultural fabric. And what food better exemplifies our country than the versatile samosa?

Samosa Singh strives to make nostalgic household Indian delicacies available across online and offline channels by combining consumer data, technology, and a high bar on quality. The intuitive combination of classic recipes with current textures and flavors is what sets Samosa Singh apart.

The brand is constantly perfecting the technique of creating delectable samosas that are both better tasting and healthier than their competitors. What sets them apart is their special triangular samosa, which stays light and crispy thanks to its unique interlocking structure. Samosa Singh is the first Indian snacking company with a scientific core team and over 100,000 hours of research behind it. The brand aims to take the most loved snack of the country across and is aiming to cater to Pan India within the next 20 months.

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