KAVERI, a contemporary linen clothing brand opens a new store in Bandra. TheGlitz met up with designer Kaveri Lalchand and special guest Sima Taparia

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There are store openings galore in Mumbai. But we must spotlight the fab KAVERI store opening on Turner Road, Bandra – Mumbai’s most ‘vibe overloaded’ hub. We had heard a lot about renowned Lakmé Fashion Week Designer Kaveri Lalchand… that “her linen creations are super elegant”… “she is such a dynamic woman”… “her Kala Ghoda store is truly awesome”…. and so much more… So when TheGlitz got an invite to the opening launch of Kaveri Lachand’s new store ‘KAVERI’ on Turner Road, Sumita Chakraborty, Editor-in-chief and Rajeev Mokashi, Chief Strategy Officer, TheGlitz, dropped in at the launch to have a first-hand dekko. They had a heart-to-heart conversation with designer Kaveri Lalchand and special guest Sima Taparia or Sima Aunty of Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking. Read on…

The Ambiance

Kaveri is plumb in the middle of the most stylish street in luxurious Bandra… Turner Road. The store evokes a classy luxe feel – very tastefully done with pristine creamy white walls, well-lit lights and stacks of beautifully designed elegant outfits hued in various shades of delicate pastels.

Designs Crafted With Love

…And then we met up with the charming brain behind this beautifully crafted store, designer Kaveri Lalchand who is indeed dynamic. She is super warm and hospitable too as she herself took us around to see her designs. Her linen designs are classy, elegant and indeed, lovely. Her multi-tasking abilities and her eye for detail are unmissable as she tells us about her designs and her love for linen on one hand and the other, instructs an assistant on how to handle the steam iron on the clothes.

The Work

Since the affable Kaveri was at hand, we couldn’t help but ask her a few questions, TheGlitz kinds – in-depth and beyond the superficial. We start with her work and Kaveri says with a big smile, “I’m doing something I love.” And it shows, we tell her! Kaveri smiles affably and goes on to tell us about how when she started, she would lovingly do every sketch and pick everything that went into making her design a reality. Now, of course, she has a big team but she still oversees everything and looks into every detail with an eagle eye. Kaveri’s love for linen too can be seen in each of her creations. Her subtle colours and love for detail are also showcased in every design she has conceived.

So what made her open her KAVERI store in Bandra? “Bandra has a great vibe,” Kaveri says. Her PR adds, “The Bandra store opening marks a significant milestone in our endeavour to offer KAVERI’s iconic styles as well as a handcrafted luxury that reflects a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, celebrating the essence of linen in every creation.” …Adding that KAVERI is India’s only all-linen clothing brand, using only the purest linen fabrics. “We are inspired by the natural beauty, texture, drape, and history of the glorious fabric. We believe that good design is a result of paying attention to what women want and need. We believe in slow fashion; we love everything handmade.

Kaveri, TheTurner Road Store

KAVERI store in Bandra

…Is luxurious, classy and elegant. The store boasts a vibrant range of contemporary styles- from wardrobe staples such as tunics, kaftans and sarees to modern co-ords and jacket sets. Kaveri’s clothes are powerful, whimsical and effortlessly stylish- echoing her mantra to make ‘Everyday Beautiful’ through the splendour of luxurious linen. In the hub of Bandra, the store is prominent and easy to access.

So what’s next, we ask Kaveri? Well, there are a lot of plans afoot. The new store is part of the brand’s ongoing strategy to establish a broader retail presence across India, with stores already in Chennai, Kochi, Mumbai, and soon in Ahmedabad; and with plans to expand nationwide in 2024.

…Definitely, a magnificent leap forward in handcrafted contemporary linen fashion.

Besides this, expanding her creative repertoire, KAVERI has introduced innovative lines such as Baby K – a range of finely crafted linen wear for children in her signature designs, Love by KAVERI – a concept store in Kochi offering holiday, lifestyle, and home wear, and Couture by KAVERI- an opulent line of wedding and festive wear handcrafted to celebrate you with intricate embroidery and finesse.

Meeting Sima Taparia of Netflix ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Fame

Sima Taparia or Sima Aunty from Netflix‘s most popular show Indian Matchmaking made a special appearance at KAVERI. Her bond with the designer is warm and affable. We asked Sima what she thought of Kaveri’s designs and the store opening. Sima said, “It’s an absolutely beautiful collection and the store is very beautiful too. So elegant and creative. The linen is gorgeous.” What about her bond with Kaveri? “It’s beautiful. We don’t meet but we are connected,” says Seema. Kaveri interjects, “We spoke on a phone call and connected instantly.”

And since we had Seema with us, we had to ask her about her popular Netflix show Indian Matchmaking. So had life changed for her after the show? Seema said, “I am the same person as before. I always wanted love and respect and I got love and respect from the world. And fame was the by-product. Yes, life has changed in a way that people are loving me. I’ve got recognition wherever I go. And the show has gone viral.” So what’s next? “I’ve sung a song Shadi Ki Tayaree hai… it’s gone viral. I’m doing a lot of brand endorsements too.”

Store Address

All in all, KAVERI, the store at Turner Road, Bandra is indeed a great place to visit for stylish, contemporary outfits in luxurious linen for the everyday woman.

Store Address: VISHNU DHAM: 6-A, Turner Road, Bandra West, Mumbai Phone: +91 78458 97317

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