TheGlitz Super Star Power: Kriti Sanon, Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone Lead the Way for Plastic Neutrality, Showcasing a Fresh Wave of Sustainability

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The fight against plastic pollution has found staunch allies among some of India’s most influential celebrities and prominent brands. The names resonate far beyond their fame – Kriti Sanon’s Hyphen, Alia Bhatt’s Ed-a-Mamma, Anushka and Virat Kohli’s investment in Blue Tribe, and Deepika Padukone’s 82.E. These celebrities are channeling their influence into a resolute commitment to environmental sustainability, recognizing that their actions can spark positive change on a global scale. TheGlitz applauds such amazing endeavours and encourages all celebs to follow suit.

Amidst growing concerns about the ecological impact of plastic waste, a remarkable trend has emerged – the rise of plastic-neutral brands. In this inspiring movement, these celebrities stand at the forefront, acknowledging the pressing need to reduce plastic waste. By aligning their brands with a mission that transcends business, they are actively participating in the restoration of our planet’s ecological balance while setting an example for millions to emulate.

Kriti Sanon

For instance, Kriti Sanon’s Hyphen is not just a skincare brand; it is a sustainable revolution. Fueled by a dedication to ethical practices and environmental responsibility, Hyphen’s range is 100% vegan-made, and the products also promise a zero plastic footprint, showcasing its dedication to a cleaner and greener world.

Alia Bhatt

Furthermore, Alia Bhatt’s Ed-a-Mamma is rewriting the script on children’s clothing. The brand was started in 2020 after Alia Bhatt saw a lack of a world-class home-grown brand that provided sustainable clothing options for kids at affordable rates. It places emphasis on utilizing materials that are devoid of detrimental chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic dyes, ranging from organic cotton to pioneering eco-friendly fabrics. In conjunction with the selection of materials, Ed-a-mamma places emphasis on the implementation of ethical manufacturing practices..

Likewise, Blue Tribe, a plant-based meat products firm in which Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have invested, is setting new standards for plant-based beverages. Driven by a commitment to all-natural ingredients and sustainable packaging, Blue Tribe is an emblem of change. By offsetting plastic emissions and producing carbon neutrally, they are helping to protect the planet for future generations. Their action demonstrates that small changes can lead to substantial shifts.
Also, Deepika Padukone’s 82.E, offering a range of skincare products sourced, carefully crafted, and clinically tested, is making a lasting impression. The brand’s carbon-neutral practices shape the path toward a sustainable future.
As these celebrities lead the way, The Disposable Company emerges as a strategic partner in their journey. By fostering ethical recycling practices, empowering waste workers, and cultivating sustainable behaviors, The Disposable Company is aligning with these plastic-neutral pioneers to create a future where waste no longer burdens the planet, communities flourish, and nature regains its equilibrium.
Bhagyashree Bhansali, Founder and CEO of The Disposable Company, commented, “This is a monumental step forward. These celebrities are exemplifying leadership by championing plastic neutrality in their brands. We are witnessing the power of influence harnessed for a sustainable cause. It’s a testament to their commitment to a healthier planet. With TDC’s expert guidance, these brands are charting a course toward a greener and more sustainable future.”
The Disposable Company (TDC) is a global coalition committed to reducing waste, improving lives, and restoring the Earth’s balance. Collaborating with brands, governments, and communities, TDC develops and implements innovative solutions to address plastic pollution. Through ethical recovery, safe disposal, and sustainable practices, TDC envisions an environmentally conscious and sustainable future.

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