Salud to Salud Cusp London Dry Gin! TheGlitz talks to Ajay Shetty, CEO & Founder, Salud, about Salud and his magical gin journey!

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They claim with confidence that it is more than just a spirit; it’s an exquisite celebration of craftsmanship and elegance. Yes, we are talking about the Salud Cusp London Dry Gin – a small-batch gin that offers a harmonious fusion of flavors and aromas. From the pine-ness of Juniper to the freshness of coriander, the zest of orange peel, and the tang of hibiscus. The inclusion of orris root adds to the experience, while sweet Liquorice root and earthy almonds create a delightful mellow balance. So as Salud launches its acclaimed Cusp gin exclusively in India, Sumita Chakraborty, Founder, TheGlitz caught up with Ajay Shetty, the CEO and Founder of Salud, to find out more about its much talked-about premium Salud Cusp London Dry Gin.

Cusp Launch

Could you tell us about your ‘Salud’ journey? What made you start Salud Cusp London Dry Gin, and why gin especially?
Absolutely! I’m glad to share the journey of Salud Cusp London Dry Gin and throw light on why we ventured into the world of gin. While our main intention focuses on the ready-to-drink (RTD) segment, our decision to introduce the Cusp London Dry Gin carries a deeper purpose – to showcase the spectrum of possibilities in spirit-making and offer a distinctive experience to our consumers.
Gin, particularly the London Dry variety, is an exciting canvas for our creativity. Our aim is to exceed the expectations of a global audience. Each year marks a new chapter as we craft our gin to represent the essence of that moment. A fusion of flavors ensures every sip is pure delight.
While consistency in base and core ingredients remains our touchstone, our commitment to pushing the boundaries of flavor remains strong. Salud Cusp London Dry Gin epitomizes our journey of exploration, inviting enthusiasts to revel in a world of tastes and aromas that defy expectations.

What is the story behind the name?
So, why ‘Salud’? Think about it: raising a toast to someone and celebrating life. That’s what ‘Salud’ is all about. We bring people together in celebration. It’s that feeling when everything clicks, when folks connect, and good times are in full swing. So, the next time you hear ‘Salud,’ it’s not just a toast; it’s a reminder to savour the moments and share a smile.

What are the challenges you faced? How did you overcome them?
We’ve had our fair share of challenges as we hustled our way to becoming a full-fledged company. Our secret sauce? Nailing those pivot moves and turning obstacles into stepping stones. Every stumble is a lesson, and trust us, we’re taking notes.
Our formidable team, bolstered by exceptional Venture Capitalists and Investors, has been pivotal in our progress. While we’ve encountered unique challenges along the way, we treat them as opportunities to learn and grow as a cohesive unit. In the dynamic world of start-ups, challenges are the crucible in which resilience and success are forged.

What achievements are you proud of?
Our evolving work culture, the remarkable people on our team and the products we’re shaping- all stand out. They represent our progress and inspire us to aim higher.

Why is Salud only found in Goa and Bengaluru?
Salud’s reach extends beyond Goa and Bengaluru. We’re making headway into more states, and Maharashtra is next in line. In the coming months, you’ll see us launching there – it’s a big move for us, and we’re excited to become a part of the scene.
The decision to focus initially on Goa and Bengaluruwas a part of a natural progression. With our base in Bengaluruand production hub in Goa, we have made a foray into northern markets. The brands we initially produced were tailored for hotter regions, and the intention was to cater to tastes across the entire country.
Salud is on its way to Maharashtra, and we can’t wait to be a part of the mix. It’s all about connecting with diverse regions and sharing the Salud experience with every corner of the country.

What is the USP of Salud Cusp London Dry Gin?
The unique selling point (USP) of Salud Cusp London Dry Gin lies in its exceptional smoothness, making it a delight to savour. Crafted with ingredients that exhibit a balanced neutrality, it appeals to palates around the world. Notably, it avoids overwhelming with excessive spices or almond notes, allowing for a seamless and harmonious flavour profile.
A standout feature is the individuality of each batch – each one is distinct, making it a rich experience. Our aim is to offer an experience that’s savoured and cherished forever. In a world where quality and uniqueness are paramount, Salud Cusp London Dry Gin embodies an essence that transcends borders and creates lasting impressions.

What are your future endeavours? How do you plan to promote Salud better?
Our future endeavours are deeply rooted in our vision: to organically guide Salud toward global prominence. Our approach involves assembling a phenomenal team, with each member a torchbearer of our shared vision, collectively nurturing the brand’s growth.
As we tread this path, we are guided by two aspects. First, we are the pioneers, setting the standards for alcohol specifications and Food and Beverage practices within our country. Second, the concept of “Salud state of mind” encapsulates our ethos – an attitude that defines our operations.

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