Spectacular show: Warp ‘n Weft’s ‘Kinetic’: A Kaleidoscope of Innovation in Textiles Couture was truly grand!

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Exhibiting a profound exploration of tradition, innovation and cultural tapestry of enduring excellence in Banarasi handloom textiles, Warp ‘n Weft hosted ‘Kinetic’ – a kaleidoscope of innovation in textiles couture at the IFBE in Ballard Estate, Mumbai. TheGlitz reports…

Warp ‘N Weft, the stalwart advocate of timeless craft from Banaras, is a brand devoted to the ancient art of handloom textiles. For more than two decades, it has stood as a beacon of authenticity and reverence that binds generations and carries the legacy of our culture. Kinetic was an immersion of the senses, in the allure of Banaras. The main attraction was the tree installation called ‘Sankhara Rerooted’, constructed from repurposed age-old fabrics.

Tradition & Heritage

The tree is formed by three components: the bark symbolizes resilience, adaptability, a timeless connection to Banaras’ heritage, and artisanal strength; the canopy signifies a sustainable and cyclical bond between slow fashion and nature, while unbleached cotton roots symbolize the indomitable spirit of Banarasi craftsmanship, weaving a narrative of enduring traditions. Highlighting the evolution of Banarasi handloom weaving, Sankhara Rerooted’s exhibit takes viewers on a journey from old to new-age heirlooms.

Meticulously curated with 9 stories, it narrates the brand’s commitment to sustainable craftsmanship through classic designs and modern adaptations. The mix of nine textiles was Rangkaat, Aada, Brocade, Jungla, Butidaar, Shikargah, Minakari, Jamdani and Gyasar. Further, Warp ‘n Weft has been bestowed the official Geographical Indication (GI) authorization by the Government of India, marking a significant milestone in their 26-year journey. This designation not only validates the unique origin and characteristics of the brand’s Banarasi handloom creations but also underscores their longstanding commitment to preserving the heritage of this revered craftsmanship. Additionally, the event emphasized on the unwavering commitment to supporting Banarasi weavers, ensuring their livelihoods are sustained, and their skills are valued.

Sagarika Rai – The Visionary

Gaurika Rai speaking on her mother’s achievements, “Kinetic, the heartbeat of textile innovation, traces its origins in a deeply personal journey that threads through the vibrant fabric of my own life. In 1997, my visionary mother, Sagrika Rai, wove the founding story of Warp ‘n Weft into the rich tapestry of Indian culture. She became a radiant ambassador, bringing the intricate beauty of handwoven textiles to the global stage and was recognized globally by Indian embassies worldwide. Her tireless dedication and global impact inspired the birth of Kinetic—a vision to redefine textile couture in India.”

Flavours Of Banaras

From the contemporary sounds that resonated through Grammy-awarded artist Prakash Sontakke to savouring the diverse flavours of Banaras’ street food by Native Bombay, this exhibition beckoned to explore, experience, and revel in the rich heritage of Banarasi textiles. As one connected the ancient traditions of Banaras to the beats of the modern era and treated their palate to an array of delightful dishes. The event was a sensory tapestry unfolding through sight, sound, and taste. The whole experience re-defined the joy of snacking with a delightful curation of street food from Banaras. From mouth-watering appetizers like Banarasi Aloo Rassa Kachori, Shikanji, Kalakand Bruschetta to Banarasi Paan Shots, this one was a wholesome experience, to say the least.


“Kinetic not only embraced its ancestry but was also infused with a touch of youthful exuberance.” – Gaurika Rai, CEO, Warp n Weft

“As the torchbearer of my mother’s legacy, I find my heart and soul entwined with this brand. Under my guidance, Kinetic not only embraced its ancestry but was also infused with a touch of youthful exuberance. I strive to bring spontaneity and relatability to a new generation, all while preserving the essence of heirlooms. This presentation was more than a showcase and this was a glimpse to my personal commitment in merging tradition with modernity, creating a narrative that resonates with authenticity and love.”- Gaurika Rai, CEO, Warp n Weft.

This immersive experience of the journey of handloom and heritage weaves of India became more wholesome with the attention to detail that Warp ‘N Weft so diligently installed.

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