5 Best Strong Beers, Tasted And Ranked

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Image Courtesy: Meritt Thomas

When it comes to choosing a great beer, the options for best strong beers may appear overwhelming, which isn’t always a bad thing. We all need to take breaks from the pressures and demands of our fast-paced lives every now and then. Beer-bingeing is a way of life, regardless of the season or occasion. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-timer, the most significant aspect is to try.

To help you focus, TheGlitz has compiled a list of the five best strong beers based not only on high-ABV brews but also on taste – please proceed with caution. Cheers!



Bira Gold best strong beer
Bira Gold best strong beer

TYPE: Weizenbock-style Wheat

ABV: <8%

AVAILABILITY: Across all cities

Bira 91 is one of the world’s fastest growing beer brands, having been established in 2015. Bira GOLD is a Weizenbock-style strong wheat ale made using premium golden Indian wheat and European caramel malts. This beer is full-bodied but does not feel heavy. With light traces of honey sweetness and toasted malty flavour, the noble hops give the beer a unique hop bitterness while keeping it crisp and balanced. It’s worth a go if you want something with a rich creamy foam, a smooth finish, and something different.

If you want to remember what fun tastes like, Bira GOLD may be the answer in the best strong beers category.

Fun Fact: Bira 91, with its flagship taproom in Bengaluru, releases one new experimental beer every week, paired with its curry-shop menu.




TYPE: Craft

ABV: 7.2%

AVAILABILITY: Retailing in Delhi, Uttarakhand, Punjab & Uttar Pradesh

Headquartered in New Delhi, Kimaya Himalayan Beverages is the uncrowned prince of India’s first crafted best strong beer, Beeyoung. This artful creation is crafted from Superior European two-row barley malt thanks to high-quality malt sourced exclusively from Soufflet Malteries. Beeyoung is brewed using Columbus & Styrian Golding hops, 100% Sortex rice and pristine water from the Bhakra Dam with bracing flavor of smooth citrus and ripe fruitiness on the midpalate.

With sale and distribution limited to the Northern market, when this brew was handed to me for review, I was overjoyed. I tried this beer, and it felt amazing. The crispy, fragrant, fruity, and aromatic flavours are all balanced in equal measure, making it a great combination with any food with a high spice content. This is a beer that pairs nicely not just with spicy onion pakoras, but it can also be used to make beer fried chicken. The aromas in this 7.2% ABV beer are genuine holiday delight.

Be it a seasoned imbiber or a first-timer, beer geeks will swoon over this homegrown lager.



TYPE: Pilsner

ABV: 7%

AVAILABILITY: Across all major cities

Carlsberg, which originated in Denmark, has maintained its brewing tradition and highest quality standards in the super-premium best strong beers sector with Carlsberg Elephant.

Despite being a full-bodied pilsner with an intense malty flavour (pilsners are technically lagers), Carlsberg Elephant possesses a good amount of strength and character, similar to its namesake. On the first taste, the brew has a hint of caramel, then transitions to fruity aromas of apple, melon, and nuts. The bitterness level is modest, with a pleasant, hoppy finish. It pairs nicely with most foods.



Budweiser Magnum
Budweiser Magnum

TYPE: American Lager

ABV: 6.5%

AVAILABILITY: Across all major cities

A super premium brew from Ab InBev, Budweiser Magnum Strong is an American-style lager with a full-bodied, dark golden colour that is aged over beechwood for refreshment and a crisp smoothness.

The brewery’s flagship beer is made using select hops and barley. This multi-layered American lager-style brew derives its natural carbonation from three weeks of ageing on a bed of beechwood. Simply put, it’s been aged twice as long to provide a more flavorful sipping experience. Other notable flavours include citrus and a lot of hops. It’s tangy, hoppy, and perfect for a hot summer day.aa



Godfather The Legendary Premium Strong and Super8
Godfather The Legendary Premium Strong and Super8

TYPE: Strong Lager

ABV: 8%

AVAILABILITY: Northern, Eastern and northeastern states

Godfather Super 8 is a staple from Jammu-based Devans Modern Breweries Ltd. and promotes the beer as the strongest one in the country with smoothness of malt and a kick of revitalising strength with good reason.

The imported German bitter and a blend of the finest malts available in India, along with the coriander notes on the nose, make it smooth and refreshing. The Super8 brew finishes cleanly, allowing much of the beer’s character to shine through. No wonder it is a hit among youngsters. Best with chicken, salmon, and salads.

Cover image: Meritt Thomas via unsplash

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