TheGlitz pick: The Green Collective, A Sustainable Celebration of Artisanal Craft

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The Green Collective

The Green Collective, a brand weaving sustainability through artisanal craftsmanship with a touch of northeastern heritage into its creations, has really impressed us. TheGlitz picks The Green Collective as the brand to look out for this week.

Art of Caning

The Green Collective comes to you from a town once famous but now faded into anonymity, for its art of “caning”, where time stands still, and artisans struggle to keep its rich heritage alive. “We endeavor to bring forth a contemporary range of earth-friendly home decor and furniture, and with each sale, to revive and restore this community of artisans to its erstwhile glory,” The Green Collective says.

Celeb’s Choice

Some celebrities who have been loving the work of The Green Collective are The Kapoor family, including Riya Kapoor & Sunita Kapoor, and Kangna Ranaut who have been supporting the brand since its inception.

Check out some of the best-selling products

PRITIKA Heart Basket


Price: 1,750.00/- INR
PRITIKA Heart Basket is a beautiful, solid piece, handwoven in natural rattan to be not just a symbol of solid love (for that is her shape), but like an actual heart, behold so much more – use it as a base for a hamper or a gift box, as a piece of decor, or a storage box for your favorite things… the choice is pretty endless!

AVNI Storage Basket


Price: 6,500/- INR

Put an end to all your storage needs with this beautifully woven multi-utility basket. Large enough to stack away all the chaos, use this as a centralized family laundry basket, for kids’ toys, cushions & throws, knick-knacks, firewood, or just clutter you want to deal with later – the possibilities are endless.

Dharini Tray


Price: 1500/- INR

We all need that catchall tray, to add the extra dimension to coffee tables, or fancy up guest bedrooms. This round tray is a modern spin on traditional cane/ rattan trays. Use these at various spots in your homes, or put together festive hampers for your loved ones. The product is finished with a coating of clear varnish to maintain the natural look. The varnish coating allows for easy clean-up.

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