World Health Day! So what does actor Seerat Kapoor do?

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It’s World Health Day… So if you were to scroll through Seerat Kapoor‘s Instagram, you’ll definitely see her indulging in her self-care routine, with fitness sessions being a major part. Even with a stressful actor’s life, Seerat’s lifestyle revolves around all things fitness, and if you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at these fitness tips from the superstar herself.

Seerat’s fitness regime is an amalgamation of Pilates and a balanced nutritional plan. She also trains with EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) which is a 20-minute workout session twice a week. It is believed that one 20-minute session of EMS is almost equivalent to 3 sessions of strength training.

Seerat starts her day with detox water, it could be aloe vera or warm water and lemon. The actress also shared that from time to time she likes to change her routine and that at times, she starts her day with lemon, and honey water to get her system back on track.

Seerat Kapoor

Seerat Kapoor’s usual breakfast comprises eggs with a toast or two. The actress then goes straight for a workout and has a protein shake after because of the gap that it takes between her breakfast and lunch meal.

Seerat works out a minimum of 4 times a week. The actress enjoys working out so on days, she isn’t too busy, the actress likes to squeeze in a quick workout routine.

Seerat says she definitely has cheat days and necessarily they don’t always come on the same day as well. She believes that if your body is talking to you, and it’s craving for something then it means that you probably kept it away far too long from your system. And since the actress follows a very consistent routine, rarely she finds herself craving something, and when she does, she doesn’t stop herself from indulging in chocolate, strawberries or anything with a banana or a Crème Brûlée and desserts which are more in a creamy texture so whether that comes in a mouse form or a cake form, that’s the actress’ go to.

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