Cheers! Time to Gin-up on World Gin Day

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By Rajeev Mokashi

To summarise very briefly, gin is for summer what whisky is for winter. It really started in 1740, when Booth’s, now London’s senior distillers, started making gin. Back in the day, buying gin was simple when there were only a few options. Gin now takes up an entire wall in any respectable liquor store. The sophisticated spirit, with more than a hint of juniper and a lot of fascinating lore, has a lot more depth and flavour. TheGlitz presents four cool cocktails for a gintastic summer weekend to celebrate World Gin Day.

Gin and Italy may sound complex. But with a centuries-old distillation tradition and using the most exquisite Italian botanicals, Italy has catapulted its position into the gin game with style. Malfy Con Limone, the new super premium gin, has been added to Pernod Ricard India’s repertoire. With the launch of Malfy Con Limone, Pernod Ricard India has established itself as one of the most formidable gin portfolios in India.


Malfy Con Limone/World Gin Day
Malfy Con Limone/World Gin Day

Every bottle of Malfy Gin captures the essence of ‘La Dolce Vita,’ or ‘the sweet life,’ inspired by the colourful lifestyle of the Amalfi Coast. Malfy Con Limone’s lemony zing and long, complex finish, created in collaboration with leading global bartenders, make it an ideal, refreshing cocktail meant to transport you to Amalfi with every sip. Bring Italy home for World Gin Day with this refreshing cocktail recipe.


Malfy Amore Amaro
Malfy Amore Amaro

Glassware: Copa

Malfy Con Limone
Bitter Lemon


60 ml Malfy Con Limone
150 ml Schweppes Bitter Lemon
Ice cubes

Garnish: Lemon wheels/Thyme sprig

Preparation: Build in a Copa glass. Garnish.

Aspri Spirits is India’s leading importer and distributor of the finest alco-bev from around the world. They have been sourcing wonderful premium spirits since 2004. The extensive portfolio of Aspri Spirits includes Gin, Rum, Tequila, Liqueur, Vodka, Beer, Whisky, and more. Burnetts and Ginarte gin is brought to you by Aspri Spirits.


Burnett's London Dry
Burnett’s London Dry

Burnett’s London Dry Gin was first produced in England more than 200 years ago. The nose of Burnett’s gin is heavy on juniper, with a touch of angelica-like musk and a hint of lemon and cassia. Experience the strongest juniper flavour, with hints of spice and oil, as well as floral undertones.



60 ml Burnett’s London Dry Gin
10 ml Lime Juice
10 ml Simple Syrup
2-3 Bar Spoons of Chopped Cucumber


Muddle the cucumber in shaker
Add all the other ingredients in the shaker
Add ice to the shaker
Shake all ingredients nice and hard
Take a tall glass and fill it with ice
Strain the cocktail into the tall glass
Top it up with tonic water as per needed

Garnish: Thin Cucumber Slices



Another Italian luxury brand to produce premium gin with all Tuscan quality ingredients is GINARTE. A deliberately dry gin which does not intend to follow the fashions of perfume and exasperated flavours. Ginarte is an ode to the marvels that only art knows how to evoke. The aroma is complex, pleasant and smooth all at once. The taste is initially smooth, with a rush of sharp juniper near the conclusion. In the aftertaste, additional powerful pine aromas emerge, along with a sharp alcohol character.


Viva la Vida
Viva La Vida


30 ml Ginarte
30 ml Red Vermouth
30 ml Bitter
Drops of pink grapefruit


Put all the ingredients in the mixing glass and mix for a few seconds, pour into a low tumbler.

A perfectly done Negroni, strong and milded by a note of freshness provided by grapefruit, for those who always know what they want.


Roku Gin
Roku Gin

ROKU Gin belongs to Japan’s Beam Suntory. Roku is Japanese for “six,” and it pays homage to Japan’s six unique botanicals including cherry blossom, green tea and Japanese pepper. A complex Japanese gin with refreshing yuzu citrus top notes and a spicy shansho pepper twist. This gin is on its way to becoming one of Japan’s hallmark spirits, among outstanding Japanese gins. The ROKU Gin & Tonic is smooth, vibrant, and light, making it ideal for an informal gathering with friends to beat the summer heat.


Roku Gin & Tonic
Roku Gin & Tonic


1 part ROKU Gin
3 parts tonic water
Fresh ginger


Fill a hiball glass to the brim with ice
Add ROKU and 3 parts tonic water
Stir to balance the elements
Garnish with ginger sticks

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