Crazy Owl – Your Skin Co… a wee bit of ‘crazy’, no gender label, vegan & truly amazing! Karishma Sahni, Founder, Crazy Owl – Your Skin Co talks about what makes their brand stand out!

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To be honest, we at TheGlitz have been fascinated by the Crazy Owl – Your Skin Co brand from the time we tried out the Crazy Owl Bath & Fragrance products…. and we absolutely loved them. They were on par with any international luxe brand, only more affordable. But more than that, the name of the brand fascinated us. Why Crazy Owl – Your Skin Co? What does it denote? Is there any special significance to the name? With all these questions in mind, we caught up with Karishma Sahni, one of the Founders of Crazy Owl – Your Skin Co. Read on…

Karishma Sahni, Founder, Crazy Owl


How did the journey with Crazy Owl start? Tell us a bit about yourself.
1/3 of men’s perfume sold in the world is bought by women. Personal care has been categorized as masculine or feminine ever since its creation as a commercial product. Scents are assigned a gender… …Sounds ridiculous? With this thought, the brand Crazy Owl – Your Skin Co. was started.
At Crazy Owl, we don’t subscribe to traditional gender labels but believe in elevating the power of scents instead with our range of personal care.  With 15 years of experience in manufacturing for leading fragrance brands globally, we realized the bias in society of telling people what to wear based on their gender. Internationally now after decades, brands are evolving and changing this trend. We at Crazy Owl are trying to change that outlook in India. We are also introducing high-quality efficacy-based products that are gender-neutral. We are trying hard to give the consumer the best possible gender-fluid, sensorial and sensational experience to uplift your mind, body and soul. 


Why the name Crazy Owl?
The story behind Crazy Owl is very interesting – We all have a wee bit of ‘crazy’ inside of us, don’t we? Crazy Owl is born with the same mindset of embracing your true self and exploring your crazy side. The brand name is also inspired by an Owl, just as an owl is a wise bird, our products keep you informed about your personal hygiene. An owl is considered as a protector, our products promise the best protection for your hair, body and skin. We draw inspiration from the owl vision, just like an owl being farsighted to continuously build solution-driven products, our products are built on the foundation of being Vegan, plant-based and gender fluid.

As Crazy Owl – Your Skin Co. founders, we believe in all-inclusive beauty. Our range of products is for the explorers, the adventurous and crazy souls who seek escape in all its forms. Whether they find it in the opposite ends of the world or simply in a virtual retreat from daily life – through a luxurious fragrance or a sensorial experience, our products are sure to brighten your day, soothe the senses, and promote happiness. When you give yourself daily pampering with Crazy Owl, you’ll benefit from the purest combination of ingredients blended harmoniously with nature. Every ingredient is cautiously selected and ethically sourced from across the globe with an unwavering dedication to quality. With the right choice of material and the finest craftsmanship, we love putting our heart and soul into designing our efficacious products. We at Crazy Owl have passionately created a luxurious, conscious, vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable brand. With our natured-inspired goodness products, we add a splash of freshness to your day!

Crazy Owl Body Spray


What made you decide on spotlighting this particular market? – Baths and fragrances?
“Our philosophy is that one wears the scent one loves. One uses the product they like. Gender does not enter the equation.”
Today, men and women are not looking for products specifically for their gender, but those which are simply efficient, cleaner formulas based on effectiveness with no difference in scent, packaging or name, and this is simply because efficacy has no gender.
With Crazy Owl, you’re buying into gender neutrality, diversity, inclusiveness, and the idea that we are all the same yet different in our ways.
Our campaign #OwlForAll is built on the idea of a community shedding stereotypes by being authentic and true to yourself. To embrace Life.


What are the challenges you faced with Crazy Owl?
Given we launched only in April 2022, we are still learning our ground on how best we can reach out to a large Indian audience and serve them. Demand prediction is uncertain especially when you are launching a new brand and don’t know how the response to your brand will be. For any startup, customer acquisition always takes a lot of time as the brand is new. However, we are noticing an impressive return rate of customers which gives us the confidence that the more we acquire consumers, the more brand loyalist we will be generating for our brand.


Where are Crazy Owl products found?
We are a Direct-to-Consumer brand. Besides our own website (, we are available on all major marketplace platforms – Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Paytm, Myntra, Snapdeal, Bigbasket, Cred, Tata 1 mg, First Cry and so on.


Every day a new brand is born, how do you cope with the competition?
We believe in our products and the value that we are providing to the customers through our products. At Crazy Owl, we believe in delivering quality and integrity that matches international standards. This quality is reflected in our handpicked packaging as well as the ingredients sourced. Our fragrances are IFRA-certified fragrances and are formulated using skin-safe ingredients making you feel and look the best at all times.


What are the three things that make Crazy Owl stand out?
The three things that make us stand out are –

  1. With 15 years of experience in manufacturing for leading fragrance brands globally, we have launched best-in-class products for Indian consumers where every scoop, spritz and slather is a sensorial and sensational experience that can make a remarkable difference to your hair, body and skin.
    2. We currently provide the best possible sensorial experience in Hair Care range with India’s First Dates Seed Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Oil. Our Body Wash range is 100% soap free, pH balanced and made with 99% Glycerine, our Eau de Parfum range is strong and long-lasting that will accentuate your essence and a Body Spray range that uplifts your mood.
    3. Our vibrant, colorful and flamboyant color palette is what sets us apart. Our products with their lively and vivacious spirit reflect in our packaging, create positive connections with you every day thereby conferring high-spirited vibes all day long.


We have our TheGlitz superstar tag that we give exceptional brands, what makes Crazy Owl qualify for this?

Crazy Owl is a Conscious Vegan, PETA, and IFRA-certified, FDA-approved brand that has recently won the FEMINA Power Brand 2022-23 award in our 1st year of operation. Crazy Owl provides its consumers with a luxury, sensorial experience that is effective and our products do not discriminate. “Skin is skin. Hair is hair. Scents are genderless,” they work for the entire family irrespective of age and gender – products for the entire household.

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