Elixir Wellness: An Interview with Tanya Khubchandani

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Let’s admit. Most of us are in a bit of a pickle when it comes to setting health priorities. By this, we meant not paying enough attention to preventive measures before a calamity strikes. One of the first things to adopt when you begin any new wellness routine is to set “smart goals.” The most significant challenge when it comes to preventive care measures is lack of information. People are more likely to neglect these if they have little or no knowledge of what they are for and how they can help improve life quality. Elixir Wellness is exactly what you need.

Meet Tanya Khubchandani, founder and CEO of Elixir Wellness. This multi-hyphenate, in addition to being a supermom, somehow finds time to add author and blogger to her already-stacked resume. TheGlitz in conversation with Tanya Khubchandani. Read on…

This interview has been slightly condensed for clarity.

Elixir Wellness
Elixir Wellness

Rajeev, TheGlitz.Media: Tanya, what aspects of wellbeing is being overlooked in your knowledge? And what according to you is the average person’s current ‘health behavior?’

In India, particularly, we see our doctors and healthcare providers, primarily when we are unwell. Then we have them firefighting to figure out what went wrong and when. This is very different from how things are done abroad. I have worked in primary care in New York and the Bronx and seen the focus that is put on well visits and preventive care to ensure that people do not fall sick and that they are doing their best to stay healthy. Elixir Wellness is working hard to offer a paradigm shift to change this mindset.

Preventive care, wellness, anti-ageing, and even recovery services need to be looked at and inculcated as a regular part of our lifestyles and routines. Recovery services include those that allow your body to recover post-training, post-marathon, post-hard night of drinking, or even post-viral, in addition, of course, to preventive care services that help strengthen your immunity so that you do not fall sick as often or at all.

Anti-ageing services like cryotherapy or hyperbaric oxygen therapy with a medical-grade HBOT have been shown to increase longevity by increasing the body’s ability to live longer through telomere lengthening. These are services that have been overlooked in India and are now available at Elixir Wellness with the hope of getting more of our population to focus on preventive care, wellness, anti-ageing, and recovery services.

In the age of flipping, doomscrolling and skimming, how does one setup wellness goals?

Flipping, scrolling, and skimming all show us one thing: an aspirational life. Often, this includes body tone, shape, and even skincare. Those all fall under wellness: making sure you look and feel your absolute best so that you can be present, whether it’s with your children, your work, or yourself. The aspiration and the goal here should be living our best lives. And this includes setting wellness goals.

At Elixir Wellness, each client, whether they have come in for IV therapy, weight loss, or a skincare consult or facial, gets a holistic doctor consultation so that they are aware of what wellness entails and can be given recommendations based on the entirety of their lifestyle. We make each and every client look at their lifestyle holistically and set their goals with us.

What are some of the innovative ways that Elixir Wellness helps improve overall wellness?

Elixir Wellness takes a very different approach to healthcare; we don’t just address our clients’ pain points; we also look at their anti-ageing, longevity, preventive care, and wellness goals.
We have a wide range of services, which include
1) IV therapy of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are targeted to help improve sleep, reduce headaches, improve immunity and wellness, aid in recovery, and also improve skin and hair (these are just a few of the over 20 indications we look at with our very popular IVs)

2) Skin and hair lab: we have expert MD dermatologists, trichologists, and cosmetologists on our team who are brilliant at helping you achieve your skin goals through various services, including the latest and best technology available in the dermatology and aesthetic space today. Our dermats look at and fix everything from scars and fine lines to pigmentation and hair loss.

3) Body toning and weight loss services: we have 8 machines that help assist with weight loss, and this is done in addition to addressing nutrition and any lifestyle factors that give our clients fabulous results. We have seen clients drop up to 18 kg in 3 months.

4) Athletic recovery: cryotherapy, infrared sauna, IV therapy, sports massages, compression therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy are all known and proven to help athletes recover better, faster, and stronger while addressing any aches and pains.

5) Pain relief: We also have a physiotherapist and chiropractor for pain relief.

6) Wellness and anti-ageing are the core of our model and focus, which is why we are the only wellness centre to have a 3 atm medical-grade hyperbaric oxygen chamber in Mumbai. HBOT, cryotherapy, and IV therapy have all been linked to better health. The HBOT, though, has been proven by Dr. Shai Efrati to improve telomere length and age by 20%, which directly increases your body’s longevity.

How are you going to shift the mentality that views health, self-care, and preventive care as something behind closed doors?

I believe we have already started this journey by having key community influencers and celebrities talk about what they are doing at Elixir to help them on their wellness journeys. There is still a good amount of stigma, especially around cosmetic procedures, and there are many who do not want anyone to know what they are doing as they don’t want it misconstrued as cosmetic. However, we have had a great response so far and do have key community leaders who not only endorse our services but often recommend and even gift them to their friends too.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to seriously focus on wellness and preventive care, what would it be?

Start today. You’re never too young to get started and get healthier. In fact, the earlier you start, the better the results.

Finally, what does it take for a long-term healthy life?

A long-term healthy existence necessitates a focus on preventive care, allowing the body to recuperate properly from the stressors we place on it, and tackling longevity in a way that enhances not only the number of years we live but also the quality of those years. Although science has enabled us to live longer lives, we are increasing the amount of time that our bodies are not in optimal health to offer us with the best quality of life. Instead, why not begin early and invest more health into those years by starting with easy, painless, and scientifically validated interventions?

TheGlitz Rapid-fire

Healthy approach or wealthy lifestyle? …Healthy approach

Define yourself in three words …Focused, hyper organised, maternal

What health apps do you have on your phone now? …Apple health, Apple watch, Flexnest, Flexscale

If not healthcare, what? …Architecture

What’re you currently reading? …The lean startup

If you’re to switch lives with one person for one day, who’d it be? …Oprah

Heels, flats, or sneakers? …Flats

Window or isle seat? Window

Mumbai or New York? …New York, except in winter

Secrets or surprises? …Surprises

For more details, reach out to…

Elixir Wellness, Gr.Flr., Avantika Building, 46, Peddar Road, Next to HSBC Bank, Mumbai 400 026 OR call 80977 28868

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