Happy Children’s Day! To celebrate this momentous occasion, TheGlitz presents an exclusive ‘Children’s Day’ Special!

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It’s indeed no time to kid. In fact, it’s time to celebrate being children. So soak in the sun and have too much fun. It is November 14 which is Chacha Nehru aka India’s esteemed late Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday, celebrated in India as Children’s Day… It is a day exclusively meant for kids to laugh ‘n’ giggle, enjoy eating yummy yet healthy treats, to have their choice of decor and do all the fun things they enjoy doing…

TheGlitz has compiled some exciting and innovative kids’ products that would make perfect additions to any Children’s Day celebration. The collection includes a wide range of products designed to entertain, educate, and inspire children of various age groups. From interactive decor to unique snacks and desserts that bring joy and laughter, here is TheGlitz ‘happy kids’ listicle.

Decorate your baby’s nursery room with R for Rabbit baby products

R for Rabbit baby swing

Welcoming a newborn is a warming and adorable journey for every new parent. This excitement gets more overwhelming as you cheer to design and organize a new room for your baby with cute, unique and different themes. To create varied memories with your little one and give them a blend of play time and nursing time, R for Rabbit brings you cute and safe products. These products help you in creating a nursery that can nurture your babies’ growth:

Phab Snacks:

Phab Granola Bar

Founded by Gayatri and Ankit Chona, Phab brings together their personal experiences and passion for crafting nutritious yet tasty snacks. TheGlitz picksPhab’s tasty Granola Bar. Infused with the energy of rolled oats and sweetened with Arabic date paste, the high-energy granola bar lies in that perfect spot between crunchy and gooey. plus, it’s high on fibre and is packed with prebiotics. (Price Rs 179)


Smartsters is a labour of love, created by parents who understand first-hand the limitations of

indoor spaces. Home is where our kids live, sleep, grow, play, study, dream and build their most

significant bonds. Their mission is to make homes spaces that children love, spaces that make

them happy, and spaces that help them thrive.

Website: https://www.smartsters.in/

Products –

Storage products – https://www.smartsters.in/collections/chairs

Bed Linens – https://www.smartsters.in/collections/bed-linen

Kid’s Cushions – https://www.smartsters.in/collections/kids-cushions

Lamps – https://www.smartsters.in/collections/kids-lamps


Blueberry Bliss

Cheesecakes and ice cream are the most popular among children, but they are not healthy.

NOTO offers the most delicious and healthy ice creams and cheesecakes that they will

enjoy, and as a parent, you will not have to worry.

Nesterra’s Kidspiration

This collection is a celebration of youthful creativity, drawing inspiration from the brilliant masterpieces crafted by kids themselves. The fabrics in this collection have been meticulously designed to capture the essence of children’s imagination, bringing to life charming designs that include delightful animal patterns, playful polka dots, and vibrant floral artwork.

Price Range: INR 1200 onwards


Toycra marks a decade of educational excellence and unveils an innovative product range, from Open-Ended Chunky Puzzle – Vehicles: A hands-on puzzle experience that helps children explore different vehicles while honing their motor skills, Open-Ended Chunky Puzzle – Animals: Dive into the animal kingdom with this interactive puzzle that sparks curiosity and encourages imaginative play to so many other Open-Ended innovative puzzles… it is indeed a delight.


Mackly, a renowned kid’s clothing brand specializes in sleepwear, innerwear, and loungewear. Their latest winter collection offers a diverse range of cozy and fashionable apparel designed to keep young adventurers warm and stylish during the winter season.

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