Mamtaa Joshi, Founder, Olamor Cosmetic, renowned image consultant, personal & corporate stylist: “My story is about a small girl from a small town filled with dreams and aspirations….”

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An intrepid entrepreneur, renowned personal and corporate stylist, and highly skilled style consultant, Mamtaa Joshi dons many hats. A name synonymous with fashion and personal development, with extensive expertise in media production and personal services, Mamtaa possesses a deep understanding of the ever-changing world of fashion and stays up-to-date with current styles, trends, and the dynamic demands of the business market. As a progressive and forward-thinking enthusiast in style and deportment correction, she is committed to delivering high-quality training services with professionalism and a friendly approach. Her focus is on cultivating stylish personalities, personal development, and mastery of business protocol concepts. With such an impressive portfolio, no wonder, we at TheGlitz wanted to know more about this prolific lady and what followed, was an amazing tete-a-tete with this magical lady. Read on…

Mamtaa Joshi

Could you tell me a bit about your journey? What made you decide to become an image consultant?
My story is about a small girl from a small town filled with dreams and aspirations. From a very young age, she had a natural flair for picking the right things and dressing impeccably. She had an eye for colors, textures, and fashion trends that often left people in awe of her sense of style. Everywhere she went, she garnered compliments, and many admired her for her personality and confidence. She had a knack for helping people select the right outfits, however, was blissfully unaware of the extraordinary gift she possessed. To her, dressing up and choosing the perfect outfits came as effortlessly as breathing. She didn’t realize that she had a born stylist within her, capable of creating magic with her unique sense of fashion. This is the story of Mamtaa Joshi. This is my story. This is the journey from a young girl unaware of her innate gift to becoming a renowned stylist – a testament to the power of following one’s heart. And I had found my purpose, and my success was a reflection of my passion and dedication.

As an image consultant and Master Style consultant, what does your work entail?
As a style consultant, my work entails helping individuals or businesses enhance their personal or professional image to achieve their desired goals and make a positive impact. Here are the key aspects of my role:
– Brand styling.
– Personal styling.
– Wardrobe evaluation and styling.
– As a visiting faculty from highly reputable Institutes, I am setting the stage for future stylists.
Personal Styling: I work closely with clients to discern their unique personal brand through the identification of their strengths, values, and goals. This process ensures the creation of an authentic and consistent representation that aligns with their ambitions while reflecting their personality.
Wardrobe Evaluation and Styling: By evaluating my Clients’ current wardrobes, I can ascertain the most suitable clothing options, colors, and styles that enhance their body shape, lifestyle, and desired image projection. Subsequently, I guide them toward creating a wardrobe that seamlessly combines versatility and coherence.
Deportment Evaluation: Improving my client’s body language, posture, and gestures is my main objective as it enables them to convey confidence, approachability, and professionalism.
I aim to train them using a system that not only helps them build their skills but also boosts their confidence levels. Now, here’s the thing about confidence – it has absolutely no competition! Once my clients start feeling more self-assured in their abilities, they become unstoppable. That’s Total Transformation.

What are the three milestones that you’ve achieved or are really proud of?
As a stylist myself, I cannot help but feel an overwhelming pride in my knack for nurturing and molding future fashion icons. the countless hours spent polishing their skills, refining their eye for detail, and instilling in them the audacity to think beyond what is conventional. Like a meticulous gardener tending to his precious flowers, I have pruned and shaped each one, ensuring they embrace their unique flair while staying ahead of trends. Another achievement I am especially proud of is opening my own grooming salons and launching my own beauty brand. I still want to do more in the grooming industry.

What are the challenges you faced and how did you overcome your setbacks?
Consistency and confidence play a vital role in overcoming obstacles on any journey towards achievement. With the grooming industry rapidly changing every second, staying up-to-date with styling trends posed a challenge; nevertheless, I successfully embraced it.

e)Could you tell us about your beauty Olamor cosmetics?
OLAMOR mi manchi is a skin and hair care brand specially crafted by The Oranges Tree. With an industry experience of more than 16 years and clients of more than 1.8k, we know the roots of beauty. We have been consistently resolving Skin and hair care problems. Currently, we are developing some new products to set a standard in terms of quality for a brand developed in India.
Confidently committed to your Beauty… The brand’s philosophy centers around the idea of self-care and self-love. By using Olamor Mi Manchi products as part of your daily routine, you can not only improve the health and appearance of your skin and hair but also take a moment to focus on yourself and prioritise your own well-being. The products offered by Olamor Mi Manchi are designed to be gentle and effective, suitable for a wide range of skin and hair types. Whether you’re looking to improve the texture of your skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, or nourish your hair from root to tip, Olamor Mi Manchi has a product that can help.

There are so many cosmetic brands, how does Olamor stand out amongst them?
As we have been running our grooming salons for years, we know the roots of beauty, experience and practical knowledge are essential factors when it comes to creating the best beauty products. While theoretical knowledge and research play a crucial role, nothing can replace the insights gained through hands-on experience in the beauty industry. As a stylist, I genuinely understand the significance of maintaining harmony between the product and its packaging. We guarantee that the products work. Our products perform as promised. We talk the walk and we set realistic goals for our execution. This all makes OLAMOR ABSOLUTELY STAND OUT.

What are your future endeavors?
Personalization and Customization: Beauty products are highly personal, and customers appreciate tailored experiences.

Global Expansion and Market Diversification: Look beyond the domestic market and explore opportunities for global expansion.
Now at this point in time, our vision is to make Olamor Cosmetic LLP the No.1 beauty buddy that an individual opts for to redefine their natural beauty.

Any message for The Glitz readers?
By prioritizing products that are crafted with experience and knowledge, you can rest assured that your skincare and makeup routine will be tailored to suit your unique needs. Our commitment to quality ensures that each item embodies the expertise of professionals who share your passion for maintaining authenticity.

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