TheGlitz Super Women – They came, they saw, they conquered! Indeed, TheGlitz ‘Super Women’ rock!

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We pulled out all the stops… and whetted through hundreds of fearless, feisty, fierce women to get our elite band of TheGlitz ‘Super Women’. And the response was indeed amazing.
TheGlitz ‘Super Women’ we picked, are all spirited, gutsy, and challenge-takers. These amazing women have swum against the tide, marched forward despite the colossal odds, and walked the extra mile to achieve what their hearts were set on… In short, TheGlitz ‘Super Women’ are those amazing women who do not know the words: ‘I can’t do this’!
So say hola to TheGlitz gutsy band of ‘Super Women’ and meet our exclusive band of achievers. From bold women who strived for gender equity, enterprising entrepreneurs who dared to start endeavours nobody wanted to touch, top-notch creative creators who worked relentlessly and shattered the glass ceiling, glitzy glam women who defied norms, go-getters who made no excuses for being ambitious, adventurers and adrenalin soaking women travellers who explored the remotest areas of the globe, women who went beyond age and gender to start and restart… TheGlitz ‘Super Women’ have been there and done that!

So put your hands together for:

Meet TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Celina JaitlyWe truly believe that she is a phenomenal talent and just the tip of her talent has been discovered and showcased. But there’s so much more to her than just being an amazing actor, she’s also the UN Equality Champion, social activist, Diversity Consultant, Miss Universe runners-up and so much more…. What does she believe in? Well, Celina insists: “There is no such thing as a setback. Your struggles do not define you but they shape the person you become when you face them and overcome them.”

TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Raveena Tandon is indeed the epitome of a superwoman. She’s a phenomenal performer – the numerous awards including the coveted Padma Shri speak volumes about her super talent. Her hard-hitting performances in KGF: Chapter 2 and her OTT blockbuster Aranyak have proved that Raveena is indeed one of the best actors in the industry. But more than an actor, she’s also a humanitarian, social activist, a champion for animal rights and so much more. At the age of 21, she adopted two girls and she’s brought them up as her own – in fact, she is one of the youngest and most glam daadis around. She’s been the champion of many social movements – from raising money for underprivileged children, educating children of martyred soldiers to championing causes for animals. A firebrand, she doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind, tweet what she feels strongly about or take up cudgels for the needy and poor when necessary.

TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Nawaz Modi Singhania is India’s finest and leading Fitness Coach and mentor, and most certainly, one of the fittest celebrities in the social circuit. She’s been the fitness coach to some of the biggest and best names in the show business including the contestants of Indian Idol 13, Indian Idol Junior 2015 finalist and Super Dancer 2016 finalist on Sony TV. She is indeed the fitness queen of India and has actively promoted fitness and health as a radio presenter and leading columnist, and has also been on Tata Sky Active Fitness Channel as Fitness Pro and anchor. Nawaz founded Body Art fitness centres in 1992 and over the years, it has become a name to be reckoned with as India’s finest and best fitness chain.

Meet TheGlitz Super Woman’ Deepti Pillay Sivan. ….An actress par excellence who debuted with Mohanlal, an exemplary producer of superlative content in feature films and documentaries for international broadcasters like National Geographic channel and Al Jazeera. She was a Station Director who helmed the launch of Red FM in the South at the young age of 30 and then went on to become the Business Head/ Commissioning Head of Sun TV and Zee TV. Extremely creative and an amazing leader, she turned director with the documentary “Decoding Shankar” on the life of musician Shankar Mahadevan, which went on to win 25 International Film Awards.

We truly believe that TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Master Chef Deepa Suhas Awchat is, undoubtedly, one of the best chefs and restaurateurs in India and perhaps globally too. Her food is mouth-wateringly delicious and her iconic fine dining restaurants Goa Portuguesa, Dakshin Culture Curry and Diva Maharashtracha all showcase her super flavourful menus, authentic dishes and standardised wonderful culinary recipes. The restaurants are family run by Master Chef Deepa, her affable and charming multi-tasking husband Dr. Suhas Awchat and her extremely talented sons Sudeep and Acash who are currently taking the legacy forward. So put your hands together for TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Master Chef Deepa Suhas Awchat whose passion to innovate, learn and experimenting remains the same throughout the decades. Ask her what her success secret is and the super humble Master Chef Deepa avers, “The learning process is always in progress; it’s a journey and never a destination; it never ends.”

TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ – Aakriti Suri is the Founder, and CEO of Happier Skincare. However, before establishing her own skincare line, Aakriti commenced a Sanitary pads business to create awareness about menstrual hygiene and proper usage of sanitary products.

TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Niharika Raut has worked tirelessly on what she truly believes in -sustainable or conscious fashion. ‘Around the City’ was founded by Niharika Raut in November 2021.

With over 20 years of experience in the Media & Entertainment industry, TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Prerna Singh is a name to be reckoned with in the glitzy world of entertainment. She is the CEO of Bhansali Productions Private Limited.

TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Dr Bindu Subramaniam who is an entrepreneur, singer/songwriter and educator. She is the co-founder and CEO of SaPa and the lead vocalist of SubraMania and the Thayir Sadam Project.

TheGlitz Media ‘Super Woman – Megha Poddar was married into the prestigious business family – the Siyaram Poddar Group. She had the privilege of learning all the nitty-gritty of business from her father-in-law Shri Pawan Poddar and his brother Shri Ramesh Poddar. Siyaram’s, and actively headed the Retail segment of the company and was instrumental in successfully opening 200 EBO’s (Exclusive Business Outlets) and Franchise outlets for Siyaram’s. Her passion and drive to create something of her own led her to start Purple Wok. Later, she founded White Light Food which aims at catering to the ever-growing Asian cuisine segment pan India.

The dynamic TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Shouger Merchant Doshi founded Rainmaker Consults in 2018, working out of home with just two team members. Today, Rainmaker Consults has completed three years in business, working with over 200 brands, restaurants, hotels, properties etc. And now Shouger has a team strength of 40.

TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Shruti Mishra began her career at TV Today as an anchor and producer, after switching from her Maths degree to getting a postgraduate degree in broadcast journalism, she eventually ended up joining Aaj Tak and her very first show at Aaj Tak was such a hit that it lasted for eight years. Shruti then joined Flags Communications and the lady with the Midas touch flourished and became one of the driving forces behind Flags Communications.

Meet TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ the gorgeous Zeba Kohli, Global chocolate judge and India’s finest chocolatier, and enterprising entrepreneur. She was responsible for reinventing her family brand, Fantasie Fine Chocolate and under her helm, the brand soared super high.

TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Bhargavi Swami is an achiever. She is not only the Entrepreneur and CEO of Excel Corporation – an “all woman” HR and content consulting company, Bhargavi is also India’s leading Podcasters with her popular Business Podcast Show – People Who Matter, which is currently in the third season & features the best minds in the business. She has also authored India’s first book on Podcasting, “P for Podcast” & has recently launched a children’s animation show on YouTube – “Nick Ka Antariksh“.

TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Dr. Rupali Ambegaonkar, the Director and CEO of TCW Tea Pvt. Ltd, left her promising medical career for good, to pursue the true calling of her life. She became one of the few certified tea sommeliers in India, having done her certification from the highly reputed Tea Association of Canada, and further moving to China for her research. There, in a secluded and lush green tea estate, Dr. Rupali Ambegaonkar learned the ancient secrets of flavour blending and tea brewing, thereby developing her signature recipes into perfect concoctions.

TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Alka Kapur, Principal of Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh New Delhi, is indeed an inspiration. With more than 20 years of unparalleled experience in education, she has shouldered her responsibilities in teaching as well as administration efficiently and successfully. An experienced educationist, Alka Kapur is also the President of Sahodaya Schools, North West Delhi, presently.

To be continued…

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