TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Shruti Mishra: Sr VP, Flags Communications

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TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Shruti Mishra is indeed a rockstar. She began her career at TV Today as an anchor and producer, after switching from her Maths degree to getting a postgraduate degree in broadcast journalism, she eventually ended up joining Aaj Tak and her very first show at Aaj Tak was such a hit that it lasted for eight years. Shruti covered a wide range of subjects during her ten-year term there including politics, entertainment, and elections in addition to lifestyle and culture.

She eventually discovered that it was in the marketing and advertising sector where she belonged. Shruti Mishra joined Flags Communications, a renowned MARCOM firm in New Delhi as an Assistant General Manager. …And the lady with the Midas touch flourished and became one of the driving forces behind Flags Communications. Today she is adroitly taking the legacy forward. Read on to know about TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Shruti Mishra’s dynamic journey.

Your journey has had many momentous milestones. Could you tell us about your life-changing journey that has moulded you to be what you are today?
My journey has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. I started as a science student, who did her Bachelors in Math’s Hons and then pursued Broadcast journalism in my post-graduation! I was fortunate to have started my career in the top news channel in the country, which gave a great direction to my career. But it wasn’t easy. I was surrounded by people who had been studying mass communications and journalism for some time now and I was completely new.

Our team was handed over a responsibility of launching a daily half-an-hour show and then eventually, the production & anchoring of that show was handed over to me. It wasn’t easy and there were days when I spent two days in the office because if a show has to go on air, it has to go on air. Apart from that I was a part of many important assignments and shows parallel. This made me an overall TV professional who learned almost every aspect of her work.

My life in TV news made me learn that there is no saying ‘NO’! The focus needs to be on the solution rather than the problem. Also, my first immediate boss was a very difficult woman and that also made me decide at a very early stage that I want to be everything but a boss like her! After almost ten years of stint with TV, I made a big transition which is my current organisation, Flags Communications.

I had no idea about how marketing and advertising or for that matter how the communication industry works! But I was determined to learn this new industry as I felt exhausted with media. Here, I was fortunate to get a boss-cum-friend who was strict and supportive at the same time and made sure that I understand this industry fully! Since that day, there has been no stopping and I am on the career path that I always wanted to be in!

Could you list 3 of your major achievements?

  • Getting to anchor a half-an-hour show at the beginning of my career which ran for 10 years without break. It made me a household name in Delhi as women use to love watching ‘Chalo Bazaar’ and I use to get recognised by people wherever I used to go. That indeed was a high point of my life.
  • Winning awards for my work.
  • To be able to create respect for me in the minds of all my clients, who happen to be the top C-suite professionals and a special space in the hearts of my team members who consider me as their inspiration today. What can be a better achievement than this

What are the setbacks you have faced? How did you tackle these setbacks or challenges? And what lesson/(s) have you learned from it?
The biggest setback was losing my father at the tender age of 21. I was too young and everything happened all of a sudden. From a young girl, I became the man of the house and almost the entire responsibility came on me as my brother was too young and my sister had recently got married. I think I had very supportive friends and a family system that helped us sail through this difficult time, including my brother-in-law. This incident changed me and my life overnight!

It made me into the strong and independent woman that I am today. It moulded my thoughts and my perspective towards life completely. I didn’t have the luxury to overspend, party too much, become irresponsible and enjoy life! I knew the importance of working hard as I had to support my family. It was at a very early stage I realized the importance of having a job in hand and working hard to become successful. I was always emotional but all this made me into a highly responsible, passionate, compassionate, committed and considerate human being

When you look back, what are the three qualities in you that have helped you become what you are today?
My ‘never give up’ attitude. My commitment. My loyalties.

Who are the people who have been the wind behind your wings?
My parents raised me as an extremely strong human being and not just a girl. They believed in me, my capabilities and my dreams and always helped me pursue them. Mr. PKD Nambiar, my boss and best friend, believed in me at the time when I was losing faith in myself. He is not just the wind; he repaired my wings to be able to fly again!

Lastly, if there was a quote to define you, what would it be?
Everything happens for a reason in life. Keep doing the good work and keep the trust in that eternal power, everything else will fall in place.

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